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HayGrazer Play Review

horse using haygrazer play

I was recently sent the New HayGrazer Play bag to review for you from HayGrazer and so far I am very pleased with it!

Mess Free

The design of the bag makes it incredibly easy to keep the yard tidy. With there being less holes for the hay to escape from, less hay comes out. If you watch your horse eat from a normal haynet, as they take a tug, little bits of hay fall out from all areas of the net. But the HayGrazer Play keeps the hay inside the bag meaning you have less sweeping up to do afterwards.

I had the HayGrazer Play in the lorry for 2 days for when I was transporting Scottie to and from the vets. After the final journey there was virtually no hay to sweep up at all! Usually there is a considerable pile!

Fatty Friendly

The HayGrazer Play is designed to prolong feeding time so that you can trickle feed your horse for weight loss without leaving them without food for a long period of time which puts them at risk of developing stomach ulcers. A study from Hurtpury College also found that horses eating from a HayGrazer Play also showed less frustration than those eating from small holed haynets.

Sturdy Material

The material used also seems quite strong, much stronger than the other HayGrazer bag I have, which is starting to perish a little now! But I feel that this bag will last much better.

However, there is a tiny issue with this material and that is that it is very good at removing hair! Scottie loves a good scratch on his haynet and the other morning I was greeted by a bald Scottie.

Now I’m not blaming this on the bag at all! I am guessing he was bitten by something to make him itchy, and the HayGrazer Play material was just perfect for pulling his hair out with his scratching. He may well have had this with a haynet, or different type of bag, but I feel the material made the hair loss slightly worse.

haygrazer play

Tad Small

Another tiny issue with this bag is that it is a tad too small. Scottie has about 18-20lbs of hay a night but the HayGrazer Play only manages to hold around 12lbs. Even trickle feeding I would like Scottie to have more hay than that, so I need to give Scottie a second net or hay on the floor.

Last Updated on 23/01/2019

3 thoughts on “HayGrazer Play Review”

  1. Thanks for the review! I trickle-feed my 3 as well and am finding the small hole haynets are a bit of a pain in the butt to fill each day, plus the horses get a little frustrated so they do a lot of damage to them. These look like they’d be easier to fill and maybe the horses wouldn’t batter them so much! xx

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