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Scottie’s Phrenology (Head Shape) Analysis Guest Blog

Scottie looking handsome, good bridle fit

Phrenology is a scientific theory where you can use head and face features to determine a person’s personality. While there is no evidence to back up this theory, with many labelling it a pseudoscience, there are groups of people who believe there is some truth in this, especially when it comes to animals such as horses. Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of T-Touch massage in horses is one of the leading voices in using a horse’s conformation to determine their personality.

I recently stumbled across a blog post where the author analyses their horse’s head shape to predict their personality. So I got in contact with Beth from Making Strides blog and asked if she would be able to analyse Scottie’s head for me. Amazingly she was more than happy to analyse him for me, so I sent her some head shots and she came back with these results!

Natural Horse Essentail Oils, phrenology


Scottie has a very straight and flat profile which would indicate this guy is uncomplicated and learns easily.


Scottie has a medium jowl which would indicate an average ability to learn.


He has quite a squarish muzzle which would lean towards a stable and uncomplicated nature.

Upper lip:

He looks to have quite a flat upper lip which would highlight an independent nature who minds his own business.

box rest for scottie, phrenology


Scottie has a very round and soft chin which means he is easy going and uncomplicated.


He has a beautiful large, round and soft eye which indicates his willing nature and that he usually trusts people.


Scottie’s ears are set quite wide apart which would mean he is steady and has a good capacity for learning.

I think this is a pretty spot on analysis of Scottie. The only thing I would quibble is him minding his own business. While he doesn’t tend to care what other horses are up to, he is incredibly nosey when it comes to what people and other animals are up to!

If you are as fascinated by these types of things as me, then I highly recommend giving Beth’s blog and Instagram a follow! She is also happy to use this idea of phrenology on photos of your own horse!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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