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Botanica Review

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A little while ago I was sent a bundle from Botanica with the aim of using it to help prevent and treat any mud fever Scottie develops. Now so far this winter it has been pretty dry, so I haven’t needed to use it for prevention or treatment of mud fever just yet. However, both Scottie and Ronnie the guinea pig have given me perfect opportunities to test these products.

Scottie’s Bald Patch

Treating Scottie's bald patch with botanica products

Now a few weeks ago, I came down to the yard to discover Scottie with a big bald patch on his head. My initial thought was perhaps an insect bite which he had itched. But I wasn’t completely sure, so I washed it with the Botanica Cleansing Wash, giving it a good scrub. Then once it was dry I applied a layer of the Herbal Cream.

Now I’m still not 100% sure what this bald patch is, but the way it keeps getting a tad scabby in one area, I am thinking perhaps it is a touch of rainscald. Either way, I have been using this method of cleansing wash followed by cream about once a week and it is clearing up nicely. Botanica recommend using it twice daily but what with it being so cold outside this hasn’t sounded very appealing to me and it actually seems to be healing quite well with just once or twice a week.

Ronnie’s Wound

Ronnie having his wound treated with Botanica

On the same day Scottie developed a bald patch, Ronnie gave himself a nasty wound on his side. We aren’t quite sure how this happened. But I brought him in and gave it a good clean with the cleansing wash followed by a good covering of herbal cream. And actually the wound has looked very good since. No signs of further irritation or infection.


What I love so much about these Botanica products is how diverse they are. Both can be used on a wide range of ailments, from wounds to make up remover. On horses to guinea pigs to humans. So just these 2 products can be used to treat all your animals and your family.

Lots of Recipes

I also received a booklet full of recipes for when using the cleansing wash and with most recipes needing 1 capful per 500mls, this bottle lasts a very long time!

The Cleansing Wash

The cleansing wash using a blend of natural ingredients to create an antiseptic wash which soothes. Suitable for both humans and animals, simply add to warm water and apply to the area, leaving it to dry without washing off. At just over £10 for 300mls, this may sound a tad pricey, but with the results I have had combined with how long it lasts, I think that is incredibly reasonable!

botanica cleansing wash and healing cream

Natural Herbal Cream

The herbal cream is brilliant for soothing skin ailments and aching muscles and tendons. It works very well as a barrier cream after using the cleansing wash and contains a natural insect repellent to help keep flies of wounds.

Eternal Youth Cream

I also received their eternal youth cream, a completely natural cleanser for your face and neck. I love this product! I’m not very good at looking after myself at all. I wear bare minimum makeup, usually a tinted moisturizer and mascara. And I will take this of with a supermarket brand baby wipe! But I have been using this nearly every day (they recommend twice a day) and I am noticing a huge difference.

So far I am very pleased with these products and I will keep using them over the next few months. So keep an eye on our social media for us using this product and how we are getting on with it.

Last Updated on 08/05/2019

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