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Blog Posts Explained on Instagram


Do you ever read some of these blog posts and think it would be nice to know a bit more about it? If this is you, then you really need to make sure you are following us on Instagram.

Each week I go live on Instagram to talk about one of the blog posts published on EquiPepper that week. The blog post I talk about is voted for by Instagram followers on my story. I also where I try to answer all your questions about the blog post.

Want to be involved?

  1. Follow us on Instagram @equipepper
  2. Keep an eye on our story over the weekend to vote for the blog post you want to hear more about
  3. Send in your questions on our story on the chosen topic
  4. Tune in to our live story

When does it happen?

I aim to get the voting story published on Friday, with the questions story going live a few hours before I go live on the Sunday/Monday. But I am still working on the best times for this. So if you have any feedback and let me know!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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