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How a content planner is making me more organised!

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Some of you may have seen this month that I won an amazing prize from the Equine Business Assistant. Part of this prize was a content calendar from The Equine Business Assistant herself! Now, having received this partway through the month, I have decided to use it to start planning my March content and so far it has been amazing! It seems to have been the kick up the bum I needed to take my blog more seriously.

More Organised!

First things first, I already feel much more organised. Yes I could keep a calendar myself to help keep track of all my posts. But this calendar is designed with social and blog posts in mind. There is plenty of space to plan posts, but I also really like that it includes loads of national days which make great social media content! At the moment I am just stumbling across these national days last minute and then trying to scramble a post together. This handy little calendar is helping me plan these posts in advance.

More Focused!

Secondly, this planning is making me more focused. I have so many post ideas stored in a spreadsheet along with so many improvements I want to make to EquiPepper. But I struggle to organise myself to schedule these things in. But the content calendar has helped me focus all my ideas into groups. This means I can link what is happening in the world to what I am writing about more smoothly.

More Projects!

Finally, being more organised and more focused also means that I have been able to find the time to create and plan some longer term projects. These are mostly things I have been talking about doing for months but haven’t managed to pull together. But with the help of my new content calendar, I feel like I have managed to plan my March nicely. Which hopefully means I will have more time to work on these projects.

If all this planning works as I hope it will, March should be our best month yet! And I will hopefully see more growth that month across all my channels as a result. But if I don’t having a plan means it will be much easier to see where I am going wrong.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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