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How horses are making the world a better place

the boy and the bfg, introducing children to horses

Today is World Horse Day and National Horse Protection Day, so what better day to talk about how amazing horses are and how they improve our lives. They are more than just pets, they play so many different roles in our lives. Here are just a few of the roles they fill in our lives.


Any horse owner will tell you that it doesn’t matter how bad your day is, the time you spend with your horse at the end of the day always makes you feel better. Whether it is their inability to talk, making them perfect listeners, or how they always know when you have had a bad day. They always seem to do the right thing to cheer you up.

Personal Trainers

Whether it be putting you through your paces during a session in the school, burying their poo in their bed or refusing to be caught, making you run round the field after them. They are the perfect personal trainers! While I’m not saying horse owners are ready made marathon runners, do to the amount of physical work it takes to look after our horses, I would say we are above average fitness. After all, how many people rack up over 4000 steps before they are even dressed for work in the morning?


Our horses also teach us so much. As a child they teach you responsibility by having to look after a living creature. As a rider they teach you the patience you need to train a living creature. As an owner they teach you to enjoy the present as you never know what is around the corner.

Best Friend/Partner

Whether you have a horse to plod around the countryside or to compete in your favourite competitions, the relationship you have with your horse is unique. They are your best friend and working partner. It’s hard to explain but the bond between horse and rider is more than a friendship and more than a working partnership.

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