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Exploring Animation with VIP benefits video

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Anyone who works with social media will know that video performs very well and can be a great way to boost engagement and increase your reach. However, sometimes the information you want to share can be difficult to film in an effective way, especially when the majority of videos watched on platforms like Facebook are watched with no sound. This is why animated videos are becoming popular. So I thought I would have a play with some basic animation.

Free online tools

Now since this was a quick experiment for me, I didn’t want to have to pay for or download software. But luckily there are plenty free online tools out there which are easy to find. For my first video I used Animaker. I am happy with this service so far and will continue to use it for future videos for now.

My Video

You may have noticed that I am currently working hard to improve my EquiPepper VIP club. I have been improving the benefits and I am now shouting about these benefits to encourage more of my followers to sign up. So I thought a video could be a great way to raise awareness of the benefits of the club. So this is what I created.

Now this video isn’t perfect, but I think it’s a good starting point for what is possible with even a simple free tool.


It’s still too early to see how successful this experiment has been. It is currently on our Facebook and Twitter and I will keep an eye on how much attention it gets on there compared to other VIP posts I have done. But it already appears to be doing better!

But the real test will be if it generates more sign ups or followers. Obviously people signing up is the main goal, but anything improving our following and social awareness is fantastic! And I think bloggers should consider trying this type of content on their social media.

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