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New Plan for Scottie

why do horses roll? Scottie demonstrates this blogtober topic without getting cast

This week I spoke to our vet about Scottie going lame again. We discussed the options available and came up with a new plan. As things stand, we have 3 options:

  1. Rest
  2. Coffin Injection
  3. Navicular Bursa Injection

Now the vet is confident that we would see an improvement with either type of injection. But the issue with this is that you are not treating the problem, just treating the symptoms. Which is why they often need repeat injections. The steroids in the injection can also slow down the healing of the initial injury.

When he was talking about the injections I asked if another months rest first to see if that makes a difference would be a good idea and he basically said that if we have the time, then rest is the best option, especially now we know what the cause of the lameness it.

So he has suggested a month – 6 weeks rest. If he has reopened the injury slightly, this should be enough time to let the majority of the healing happen, especially with how mildly lame he is.

So Scottie is having some more rest. He will be out in the field as usual but I might try and half the field so he can’t run around as much. The vet said to give him a call in a few weeks to let him know how we are getting on and if we are seeing any improvement.

If we are still having problems with lameness 6 weeks later, the vet things the next step will be the coffin joint injection. But if he is sound then we can look at slowly bringing back into work again, knowing that the injections are there as an option if we want them. Plus we still have about 6 months to make claims on our insurance! So I don’t feel the need to rush into treatment.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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