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New Brand Ambassador for Cherry Tree Training!

Cherry tree training

I am super excited to announce that I am now a brand ambassador for Cherry Tree Training! If you haven’t heard of them, you might have seen my highly entertaining attempt at one of their exercises recently on social media. If not I have included it below…

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What the hell am I doing? 😂 After watching @cherrytreetraining video this morning (while still in bed!) I thought to myself well that doesn’t look too hard really does it? And while she got this exercise from a pole dancer, it’s easy to see how the test of balance could improve your riding. So by the time I had turned out and mucked out, I was feeling pretty limber and thought I would give it a go! So what you are all watching is post muck out, pre shower me trying ballet dancer type moves in my yard boots 😂🙈 You can see the professionals do it on Cherry Tree Trainings Instagram and I’ll pop it on my story too! But you should give it a go at some point! You might learn something. I confirmed that I am much more balanced on my left leg than my right and this will affect my riding! #equestrianbloggers #blogger #horsesofinstagram #horserider #balance #poledancechallenge

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Cherry Tree Training is a company dedicated to helping people work out around their busy lives. Now I’m no gym bunny, but these exercises are straight forward and often only take a few minutes out of your day. Plus I am yet to see an exercise where you need any special equipment! Bonus!

All of their courses have a specific aim and highlight the importance of core strength. Which is fantastic for horse riders! Plus with other mini courses such as desk stretches, they are great for anyone with a busy life.

I first came across them after winning a subscription to their horse riders fitness bundle. This came to me at the perfect time as Scottie was out of action and I was trying to get back into riding shape before Scottie came back into work. I am now about to start the second month of three and I have loved it so far! – But that’s a whole other blog post for you to keep your eyes peeled for.

Last Updated on 11/01/2021

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