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Ex Racehorses at Badminton Horse Trials 2019

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This year there are 3 ex racehorses lining up to take part in the prestigious competition which is Badminton Horse Trials. In this post I will quickly introduce you to these runners and how I expect them to do.

Arctic Soul

ex racehorse at badminton arctic soul
Arctic Soul Badminton 2017

The first is of these is a firm favourite of mine who has placed within the top 10 for the last three years. Ridden by Gemma Tattersall, he has also represented Great Britain at the World Equestrian Games and finish 3rd at Burghley, giving him 2 four star podium finishes!

His dressage has improved massively in recent years, usually leaving him around the 30-35 penalties before heading onto the cross country course. And it is during the cross country where he really flies! He is incredibly quick across country and nearly always makes the time, even when no one else is getting close.

Because he is a cross country machine, you can trust him to climb the leader board during this phase. But he does tend to drop down a place or two in the show jumping phase.

He is incredibly consistent and seems to love Badminton. So I’m sure we can expect to see him placing well again this week!

Captain Jack

The second ex racehorse running at Badminton this year is one we don’t see very often. Ridden by the American Savannah Fulton, this pair don’t compete in the UK that often. They made an appearance at Burghley in 2017, but withdrew after, or possibly during, the cross country phase. If I remember correctly, they had a bit of trouble at the leaf pit.

While he is yet to show top 10 potential at this level, he seems to be fairly consistent with the cross country typically being their best phase. I am looking forward to seeing how they get on at Badminton and will make sure to get some photos of him!

I think that is all the ex racehorses competing this year, but I will keep an eye out for any more! (Please let me know if you know of any.) I will be keeping you all updated with their progress as the week goes on.

Tomorrow I am hoping to bring you my own sneak peak at the cross country course! I’ve done my research, spoken to some experts and will be having a look at the fences myself! I will then share my insights on which fences are going to cause the most problems.

Wont Wait

Wont Wait at Badminton
Clara Loiseau (FRA) riding Wont Wait

There isn’t much here about Wont Wat as I only found out he was an ex racehorse after the competition. So while I wanted to include him in this post, I have written about him in his very own post. You can find out about him and how he got on here.

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Last Updated on 07/05/2019

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