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Scottie Update ~ Why can’t he just behave?!?

Scottie having a good groom. Should beginners buy a horse?

So there’s not a huge amount to report about Scottie right now. But I haven’t really talked about him for a few weeks so I thought I would let you know where we are.

He is nearly 4 weeks into his 4-6 weeks rest and it is looking like it will be the full 6 weeks! The last day I was at Badminton Scottie pulled the shoe off his bad foot. Despite never being foot sore after losing a shoe, I didn’t want him running around without that extra support. So I decided to keep him in until the farrier came out.

This combined with the fact that there was a lot of rain forecast, so the farmer fertilized our fields, meant that Scottie had 5 days in the stable. This in itself shouldn’t have been an issue. I hadn’t trotted him up since losing the shoe to have a look at him, but I did wonder if he was feeling a bit uncomfortable on it around the yard. So the rest may well have done it good.

However, you might have seen on our social media that Scottie was extremely happy when we he went out going last Saturday. You can watch below in case you missed it!

Needless to say, since this interesting behaviour, he hasn’t looked fantastic trotting round the field. But then it is always hard to tell! So Monday/Tuesday this week I popped him on the lunge to see where we were. On both the hard and the soft he looked fine on the left rein but there was a definite head nod on the right rein.

Despite being out in the field every day since, it is all still incredibly exciting with him prancing out to the field every morning and small run around when he is set free. But this has settled down and hopefully he will start behaving himself now!

Since he was lame again and it looked to be lame every day rather than intermittently, I have been using his magnetic boots over night and put him on 5 days of bute. The hope being this will help any swelling around the injury and hopefully help the healing.

He has his last bute tomorrow morning. So I am going to have a look at him on the lunge again Tuesday/Wednesday. Hopefully there is a small improvement. If not, he still has a few weeks before the 6 weeks rest are up. So we may have a better idea then when I talk to the vet properly.

In the meantime, I would really appreciate if he would stop running around like a tit! As at least then the injury would get a bit more rest! I think he is enjoying his time off too much.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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