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Botanica 5 in 1 Spray Review

Botanica 5 in 1 Spray

When I was at Badminton Horse Trials I visited my friends at Botanica and was delighted to be given some more products to try out! As well as top ups of the Cleansing Wash, Healing Cream and Cleanser, which I reviewed last time, I was also given their 5 in 1 spray and Fly spray.

If you follow EquiPepper on social media you may well have seen me using the 5 in 1 spray with some great results! If not check out this video on our Instagram.

What is the 5 in 1 spray for?

This spray was designed to meet all your grooming needs with just one product. But the 5 things it focuses on doing are:

  1. Coat Shine
  2. Mane and Tail Detangler
  3. Fly Repellent
  4. Dandruff and flaky
  5. Wounds

Scottie’s Grooming

Now lucky Scottie hasn’t had any wounds recently, so I haven’t been able to test it on them. But if it is anything like the other Botanica products, I’m sure it will be fantastic!

Flaky Skin

So I have been using this spray mainly for coat health. Being a ginger, Scottie does get very flaky skin, especially at this time of year when he is losing his coat. When I first got back from Badminton, he was finally started to lose his winter coat properly and with just a quick scratch with my fingers it was coming out in clumps.

I decided to give him a good groom, starting with a good scrub all over with a rubber curry comb to remove all the loose hair. This left me with a grey, greasy pony! So I gave him a once over with my Tiger Tongue Sponge (review to come) which removed the worst of the grey layer covering Scottie. But there was still a lot there.

So it was time to try the 5 in 1 spray! At first I only did one side of him, giving him a good spray and a second once over with the Tiger Tongue. The difference between the two sides was fantastic. This photo hardly does it any justice!

Scottie before and after Botanica's 5 in 1 spray

Not only had it removed the dead skin and grease, but it has really brought out the colour of his coat. So I can really see why people use it as coat shine! The results last as well, I think the ingredients manage to reach the skin and improve the health of the skin beneath the coat, reducing the amount of dandruff appearing in the coat going forwards.

Fly Repellent

I am yet to test the spray against other fly sprays. But I have noticed less midges eating me while I am grooming using the spray. He also doesn’t seem to be being bothered by the flies in the field either.

Mane & Tail

Finally the last test for the spray was to de-tangle Scottie’s mane and tail. Since Scottie has been out of work, he hasn’t been having a lot of proper grooms, which meant he was a bit of a mess with plenty of tangles and knots.

Now I am lucky that Scottie has quite a fine mane, so the spray got the brush through his mane easily. Despite having a fine mane, Scottie has a deceivingly thick tail, which posed a bit more of a challenge. But it didn’t take long for the spray to work it’s magic and leave Scottie with a clean and tidy tail!

Over all I am really pleased with the 5 in 1 spray, it’s perfect for both lazy groomers and perfectionists! You can get your hands on the 5 in 1 spray by visiting Botanica’s website.

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