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Introducing Aztec Diamond

aztec diamond goodie bag

You might have seen on my social media that I was recently very lucky to be invited to the relaunch party of Aztec Diamond after 5 years of trading. Not only did I get talked through the entire range (including some fantastic new products!) I also got to chat with Jordan who founded Aztec Diamond.

Jordan’s Vision

me and jordan

Aztec Diamond started when Jordan was unable to find what she wanted as a rider in the market. With no real experience of the equine fashion industry she set out with an idea of what she wanted to be wearing and turned it into a successful business.

5 years on, she has learnt so much and discovered what works best for her business. So she has marked this anniversary with a stylish new re launch of the brand, putting into practice everything she has learnt. With a new website and small tweaks to the current range, the official relaunch is planned for June, where the new products will be presented to the world!

Not just for the yard!

One of the main features of the range is that while it is incredibly stylish and looks incredible when paired with riding boots, it has been cleverly designed so that it does not look out of place elsewhere. Many of the base layers, leggings and underwear were also designed with gym life in mind. Meaning that they are also perfect for your non equestrian work outs!

Grown Up Colours

While many brands in the industry are striving for bolder, brighter colours, Aztec Diamond is heading the other way. Focusing on muted but incredibly stylish colours. There are classic colours like white, black, grey and navy. But also some baby pinks and baby blues, a burgundy colour and my favourite, Khaki green! (Plus a few new colours yet to be announced…)

What’s in the range?

If you can think of any clothing you might want to wear as a horse owner, they have it! From their gorgeous show collection of pristine white breeches and fitted show shirts, to cosy tracksuits and gym wear. There is even a unisex young riders range!

My Picks

After seeing the range, my favourites are their technical base layers with matching breeches! Although I do also have my eye on a pair of their thermal leggings, which apparently are great to wear by themselves as leggings as they don’t go see through!

My Goodies

my aztec diamond t shirt

As I was leaving the press day, I was given a goodie bag with some of their products. I was given their baseball cap in burgandy, white roll print t-shirt and some incredibly soft bamboo socks in grey! This was a lovely surprise and I love them all!

Once the official launch in June I will be sharing my thoughts on the new products I got a sneak peak at!

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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