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I’m still here!

why do horses roll? Scottie demonstrates this blogtober topic without getting cast

Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently. Everything is okay. I think I’ve just been so busy recently that I crashed down a little bit! I don’t have a huge amount to report on yet, but I do have a few exciting things coming up. So I thought I would let you all know that I am still here and what I am looking forward to.

Vet Visit

First things first, the vet is coming out to see Scottie tomorrow. Despite looking really positive last week, he has since looked a little bit lame again. So I will be interested to see what the vet has to say. I have also finally decided to put Scottie in a pen. So if he stays in it, hopefully we will see more improvement!

Paris Dixie Visit

Next week I am off to see my racehorse Paris Dixie! She is on her summer holidays at the moment. But I will be visiting her there which is incredibly exciting as I haven’t met her yet. I will get plenty of photos so that I have more to use when I talk about her on here. So keep your eyes on my social media next week for the first photos of her.

New Bedding

I am finally trying some new bedding! At my yard I can’t have shavings, which is a nightmare as it is what I have always used for Scottie. Since being at my yard I have tried both straw and various brands of chopped straw and neither have quite worked for us. Scottie has also had an on and off cough since being here, which I think might be due to the bedding.

So when one of the other girls started using cardboard bedding with quite a bit of success I was certainly interested! I have ordered myself a pallet of the bedding and hopefully we get on well with it! As it also works out quite cheaply!

Book Success

I still can’t quite believe I have published my first book. It is even more unbelievable that people are buying it and leaving some fantastic reviews! I am seeing regular purchases and I think this is partly due to the interview I did with The Horse Exchange. You can find my book about buying your first horse on Amazon here.


Finally, if you read my interview with The Horse Exchange, you will know that I mentioned I am currently toying with a few new book ideas. While some of these are more “how to guides” I do have an idea for a horsey novel I would love to write. I have all my ideas there and have started putting pen to paper. But it is too early to tell how this will work out. But I just wanted to keep you all updated with what I am working on currently.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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