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Digital Horse ~ Social Media for Horsey Folk

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Unfortunately not everyone in the world is horsey and there’s a high chance that a lot of people you are connected with on social media are not horsey. But Digital Horse, a new horse-centric platform could be the solution!

Who Cares?

Being horse lovers, there is nothing we love more than to share photos of our four legged friends and tell the world about their recent activity. But realistically, a large proportion of your social connections don’t care. So what do you do? Do you post anyway? Do you create special accounts or groups to share this content too? I’ve even heard of some people splitting their friends list into groups and changing who can see the post depending what it is!

Digital Horse

I have been aware of Digital Horse for a little while now, mainly due to fellow blogger Roosa mentioning them. But the first time I really thought about them was after a lot of the team being at the Aztec Diamond Press Day I went to. The other week I finally signed up to the platform and I am currently getting to grips with it.

It works a similar way to Facebook, where you have your main feed but can also manage other accounts/profiles. Everyone has their own profile, mine is Ruby Butchers. But then you can also have a profile for all your horses and company. So Scottie has his own profile and I even have a profile/page for my blog!

As a blogger, I am experimenting with using this platform as somewhere to find an audience for EquiPepper. So far the users are all very engaged and interact with most of what I post. I share similar Instagram updates on Scottie to his profile, blog posts to my EquiPepper page and the odd update to my own page. It’s too early to say if this is driving traffic or creating a new audience. But I think anyone with an equine blog or digital company should look at giving it a try.

I also think it is a lovely place for horse owners in general. From what I have seen so far, everyone is incredibly supportive and there are no sofa experts! A bit like Linkedin, you can endorse horses skills, which I think is a lovely touch to help it be a supportive community!

It’s super easy to sign up, you can even just join using your Facebook account! While it is still quite early to see what this platform could become, and I am certainly still getting to grips with it, I certainly think it has promise! And I’m interested to see where it goes in the future. If you do sign up please do connect with me (add me as a friend.)

Last Updated on 18/06/2019

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