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Meeting Paris Dixie

Paris Dixie

So today I finally got to meet Paris Dixie. She is currently having a summer holiday at EquiPrep to put on some condition on and have a bit of a break. She is looking fantastic for it and it was great to finally see her in the flesh.

She was paraded around the arena in hand for us all to have a good look at her moving. Then we also got to have a wander around the fields and yard meeting lots of the other horses owned by the Owners Group Syndicate. Including Pentland Hills, who I saw win at Cheltenham before deciding to buy a share in a horse myself.

There not much of an update on Paris Dixie at the moment. But it was lovely to hear everyone talking about how pleased they are with her and what an exciting prospect she is for the following year. But I do now have a lot more photos of her, so when I am talking about her in the future there are more photos I can use.

Last Updated on 08/04/2020

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