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Why Love Island Contestants are like Horses

love island with horses

Okay I am going to own up straight away and admit that I am slightly obsessed with Love Island. I’m not claiming it is award winning TV and I am a bit ashamed of how much I enjoy it… but it is perfect watching with a glass of wine in the evenings! One thing I have noticed from watching Love Island is how it is a bit like the horse industry.

Swap the contestants for horses!

We know what horses are like, they are fickle! While they love their field buddy, their head is easily turned as soon as they find themselves coupled up in an uncomfortable situation with a brand new single horse!

It doesn’t matter if they have only met the single horse briefly once before. You can pretty much guarantee that if you take them out together to somewhere new, like a show, they will be glued to each other! Much like how the islanders are all over each other moments after re coupling.

Searching for the perfect partner!

Much like the Islanders, when you are looking for a horse you are looking for the perfect partner. You will have your checklist and will be looking for a horse who checks all those boxes – your type on paper. On this journey you will probably have to ride a few frogs, have someone else graft and steal the horse you wanted and may even have your head turned by something completely not your type.

Then once you finally find the one, you will have ups and downs and challenges to put you both to the test. Although hopefully this won’t involve spitting food into each others mouths against the clock…

For some serious advice on finding your perfect equine partner, check out our step by step guide to buying your first horse.

Considering your options

You’ve had a bad ride. Your horse was a total nob and you can’t help but notice that flashy show jumper across the yard. You sit back and enjoy the view, watching them make the course you just struggled round look effortless. You might feel your head turning!

But we all know that when you go back to the stable and see your horse waiting expectantly for his dinner, your heart will melt all over again and you will stay loyal and stay coupled up. Although luckily polygamy is perfectly acceptable when it comes to horse ownership. So if your head is turned, you are free to crack on and your horse will probably love having a new friend.

Last Updated on 25/06/2019

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