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New study suggests you put your money on the female jump jockeys!

Horses jumping point to pointing before Cheltenham festival female jockeys

We’ve all been there, you are looking at the race card and you have no idea where to put your money. So you use the age old trick of picking the horse with the best name, nicest silks or based on the jockey. But a recent study has found that you will make more money on average betting on the female jump jockeys.

The university of Liverpool has been keeping data from the last 5 jump seasons and found that the girls out performed the boys. This is based on the number of wins to number of starts ratio as well as the odd on winning and placed horses.

Cheltenham festival this year was a huge success for female jump jockeys. The girls only had 9.3% of rides at the festival, but were responsible for 14.3% of the wins! This season the racing industry has also been working on improving the perception of female jockeys, showing more features on them during race coverage. The Irish documentary Jump Girls also aired earlier this year, highlighting the success of female jump jockeys.

However, despite the great performance of female jockeys and the industry doing more to help recognize women in the sport. When it comes to placing a bet, horses with female riders tend to have higher odds than if they were to have a male jockey. While this shows that there is still a negative perception of women’s ability among the public, it does mean that you can get more for your money if you support these amazing women with your bets!

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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