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2 more weeks rest for Scottie

Scottie standing on the yard, when should you sell your horse

So Scottie was on 2 weeks rest after his steroid injection with the hope of him being sound afterwards and ready to come back into work. But in true Scottie fashion, he has been feeling better and didn’t listen to the whole rest part.

In the past week he has galloped laps of his pen, escaped from his pen and once the pen was opened up so that he could get into the shade at the end of the field, he jumped the fence back into the pen! So I wasn’t surprised to see that he wasn’t sound when I looked at him at the weekend. I think there might be a slight improvement from when he had the injection, but there was still some lameness there.

So I spoke to the vet this week, explaining what had happened and basically asking what he thought to do next. He didn’t seem too worried about him still being lame as he said the steroids should still be in his system for another 2 weeks or so. Which hopefully means they might still work.

He also said that even if we want to take the next step of injecting the bursa, we have to wait until these steroids are out of his system first. So Scottie is having another 2 weeks rest in the field. He doesn’t need to be penned, in fact the vet said it’s better if he isn’t penned as at least we will know if he has improved from restricted movements or due to the steroids.

So while this isn’t the outcome I was hoping for, the vet still sounded quite positive so I’m not giving up yet! (Although I am finding it quite hard to keep thinking of things to write about!) Fingers crossed there will be an improvement after another 2 weeks rest. And if not, we still have one more treatment option before thinking about resting or more scans.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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