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Stay in the pen!

Scottie in his pen

Sorry that I continue to be a bit quiet, but with Scottie out of action I have been finding it hard to not only think of things to write about, but also the motivation to write it. I don’t want to write articles just for the sake of it as I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be very good! But anyway, back to the point of this post, there is a bit of an update on Scottie!

On Friday Scottie came in from the field looking very sore. Where he had been about 1/10-2/10 lame beginning of the week, he was looking more like 4/10-5/10 on Friday. I gave the vets a call hoping I might just catch my vet before he left for the day but I went straight through to the out of hours emergency vet.

I had a quick chat with her about how he was looking and that he had recently had steroids etc. She said to keep him in the stable over the weekend and give her a call back if he got any worse. She would then pass all of the information onto my vet for him to give me a call back on Monday.

When I spoke to my vet he said that we basically had two options, we can carry on with the injections or we can try resting him. All along I have said I am not in a rush and that Scottie’s insurance will cover the injury until the end of the year. So I asked what he thought was best. Since the steroids hadn’t worked, it suggests the tendon might still be injured after all. So while the steroids would take away the pain, they wouldn’t help the tendon heal, meaning rest would be the best option.

So Scottie is having pen rest until the end of the month where we will have another look at him and go from there. However, if he keeps escaping from his pen, I will have to box rest him until the end of the month. So hopefully he stays put for both our sakes!

Unfortunately, without sending Scottie for another MRI, we can’t know for sure what the tendon is doing. So we may well send him for another before the insurance runs out. But for now he is chilling in his pen with plenty of hay and a treatball to hopefully stop any escape attempts.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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