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Core Essentials Review

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You may have seen that I have been taking part in Cherry Tree Training’s Core Essentials course. This 4 week course is broken down into 3 weekly workouts what you can do at home without any gym equipment, just some floor space. I have loved the course and I love that even though I have finished it, I still have access to all the exercises.

Easy to fit into a busy week!

One of the best things about this course is that each workout is fairly short so it’s easy to find time to fit them into even the busiest week! I think the longest workout of the entire course was around 30 mins. But most are around the 15-20min mark and this includes a warm up and cool down.

Not too hard!

I am one of those people where if something is too hard, I quickly lose motivation to do it. But this course has been put together so that there are variations on most of the exercises so that you can make it harder or easier, depending on what you are working on and how you are finding it.

Helps you identify your weaknesses

Because the course ranges in exercises and moves between strength and movement, you can quickly identify where you are weaker and where you are stronger. So once you have completed the course, you can focus on repeating the workouts what focus on your weaknesses.

I found in the course that I struggle to hold the static movements. So a plank I find quite hard work. But adding movement to the plank such as leg and arm lifts or moving in and out of downward dog seems to be easier for me. So I am using these moving exercises but building up the holds within the flow.

Here is one of my favourite exercises:

Plenty of help

Each time the course runs it only has limited spaces. This is because if you are having problems with an exercise, you can get one on one help. If you want to check you are doing an exercise correctly, you can send them a video. If you are finding an exercise particularly hard on your wrists, you can message them and ask for advice on how to relieve the strain. They are super helpful and really want to see you improve!

I have loved giving the core essentials course ago and will keep using my favourite exercises to help get my core ready for eventually getting back in the saddle! I am also looking forward to some more of the equine related courses coming out too!

Last Updated on 11/01/2021

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