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My One Stop Shop for all my horsey needs!

my viovet order

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Now don’t get me wrong, I love visiting a tack shop. But all my local tack stores have a very limited range of bits and pieces, so I tend to only visit to get horse feed. Because of this, I do a lot of my horsey shopping online and one of my go to places is VioVet.

What do they sell?


When I first started using VioVet, it was because it was a great place to get Scottie’s wormers from. Not all tack shops can sell wormers and when a few of my local tack shops do have wormers, they sell out of them pretty quickly, meaning I can’t always get what I need. So being able to buy it all online and have it delivered to my door!

They also sell prescription medicines like Bute. This is great if you have a vet who will write you a prescription rather than sell you the drugs directly. As you can usually get the drugs cheaper on VioVet with a prescription than from your vet.


They also have a fantastic range of supplements and it was for this reason that I started using them more regularly. When Scottie developed sarcoids, I looked at different supplements people had recommended. Once again, my local feed stores didn’t stock them all. But VioVet did. So I could compare all the recommendations I had been given in one place and go from there.

Everything else your local tack store does!

As well a their huge range of medicines and supplements, they also have a good range of all the other products you would expect to find in your local tack store. From yard equipment, to grooming equipment and yard boots for yourself, they probably have it!

My recent purchase

I was recently approached by VioVet to place an order with them to highlight how easy it is to use the website and order from them. Already being a big fan of the company I jumped at the chance. I had a few bits and pieces I needed so I jumped onto the website with my list.

My Order

Since I knew what I wanted, I typed it all into the search bar at the top and browsed the suggestions. I settled on a Stubbs treat ball as Scottie’s current treatball rolls a bit too much and leaves his pen! I also got another pair of rubber overreach boots and a respiratory lick for Scottie. (I was refunded for this order by VioVet in the hope that I would write about them but it was not a formal agreement.) After placing this order I also ordered a replacement pair of Mark Todd country boots. I have had my last pair for over 2 years and they have been on their last legs for a while now.


The delivery was really quick. I only used their standard delivery which estimates 4-5 days delivery. But both my orders arrived sooner than that, at the 3 day mark. I received an email and a text when FedEx received my parcels and a text the morning it was due to arrive. Plus you can also track their progress from your order history section on the VioVet website, making it super easy to track your order!

Basically I love VioVet and I can highly recommend it for anyone looking to find something their local tack shop doesn’t stock.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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