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Meet Cecil!

Cecil the Vizsla

If you follow us on social media you may have already seen this exciting news. But we have a new member of the family joining us very soon!

After losing Tally after almost 15 years, our house has felt very empty. I has been the first time in about 17 years we haven’t had a dog in the house. So we recently started putting feelers out for puppies. We knew what we were looking for, a Wire-haired Hungarian Vizsla. Amazingly, one of the first recommended breeders we contacted knew of a litter just sired by her Crufts winning dog!

We got right on the case and at the weekend we visited the puppies and picked this little guy! Meet Cecil!

Cecil the Vizsla

It was a really tough decision with 6 puppies to choose from. But Cecil seemed to have the most personality and just the right amount of wire hair. We wanted one with a little bit of face whiskers but nothing too shaggy. While it is early days, I think we might have picked well!

He was about six and a half weeks old when we visited. So sometime next week he should be ready to come home and join the family. I am really looking forward to having a dog who loves being a yard dog so once he is home and up to date on his vaccinations, you can expect to see him at the yard, posing with the other ginger Scottie! Keep your eye on our Instagram for adorable puppy updates!

Last Updated on 13/08/2019

1 thought on “Meet Cecil!”

  1. Noliene Molesworth

    He is adorable !! And Cecil was one of my fathers names !!! So well done for choosing a good one Love Nana XXXX

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