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More Steroid Injections for Scottie


Earlier this week Scottie had another steroid injection. This time he was injected into the navicular bursa. This is a bit of a fiddly process but Scottie was fantastic throughout the entire thing!

A quick lameness check

Before we got started, Scottie had a quick lameness check. He was sound on a straight line and sound on the left rein. But still 1/10 lame on the right rein. The vet nerve blocked him in the fetlock just to rule out any other issues and he was sound afterwards. So that was a positive!


Next Scottie had to be sedated. This is because injecting the bursa is quite difficult and you take x-rays throughout the process to make sure the needle is in the right place. So the sedation was to help Scottie stand still for a long perod of time.

Luckily the vet got the needle in the right place quite quickly and despite Scottie wobbling off the x-ray block and having to start again, we managed to get the injection done quite quickly.


While the vet was taking x-rays for the injection, he also took a few of the navicular bone. He couldn’t see anything on the x-rays, which means that the tendon is probably still the issue.

Next Steps

Scottie had a few days in the stable after the injection and now he has 2 weeks pen rest. After this he can go back out in the field as normal. However, I am tempted to halve his field so that he can’t gather up too much speed! After a week back in the normal field we will have another look at him and see if there is any improvement and go from there. If there isn’t an improvement then we will hopefully send him for another MRI.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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