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Creating better habits

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This week I started Cherry Tree Trainings Habits and Consistency course. I wanted to join this course as I know I am really quite lazy and while I want to do more, I don’t have the mental willpower or self-discipline to actually do those things. One of the key areas I struggle with is looking after myself, whether it be eating badly or skipping exercise. I know how bad this is but also how this can and will effect my riding. So with Scottie being off work, I feel that this is a good time to try and get into some good habits.

Identifying my habits, the good, the bad and the neutral.

While this course is mainly for getting into good work out habits, the theory at the beginning of the course is great for any sort of habit! Whether that is breaking bad habits or creating new ones. But one of the first steps is to identify your habits, whether they are good, bad or neutral. Some of the habits I identified in myself are:

  • Snoozing my alarm (bad)
  • Walking to the yard in the morning (good)
  • Mucking out in the morning (good)
  • Unhealthy breakfast (bad)
  • Not drinking enough water (bad)
  • Looking for excuses not to exercise (bad)

Once you have identified your habits, the theory part of the course helps you identify what triggers your habits and what you can do to try and change them. I have found this super helpful to making a plan to improving my habits.

Habit Tracking App

One of the things recommended on the course to help with your habits is to use a habit tracking app. This is because physiologically we are more motivated to complete a task or stick to a plan if we have built up a streak what we would lose if we skipped a day/session. So I have downloaded an app to hopefully help keep me motivated in sticking to my habits.

2 minute workouts

The final part of the course is 3 short workouts a week. Each workout is only 2 minutes long. This is because the idea isn’t about meeting your fitness goals, but training your mind to find the benefits of working out. So these short and inviting workouts are perfect for helping to rewire your brain and if you still feel good after the 2 minutes, then there are options to build on that initial work out.

I am loving this course so far and in week one I have found it really helpful. Hopefully this will continue and I will keep you updated with my progress. Sign ups for this session of the course are closed right now, but they will open again next month sometime. So keep your eyes peeled! I love the training courses Cherry Tree Training create and run.

Last Updated on 11/01/2021

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