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Small Steps to Sustainability

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Like so many people, I couldn’t get enough of Our Planet when it came to Netflix. On the back of this I have seen lots of individuals and companies making small changes to help save the planet. More people are making the effort to recycle and even McDonalds have replaced their plastic straws with paper ones. So I was really excited to see the latest news from Aztec Diamond.

Bioplastic Bags

We all know now how bad plastic is. It uses a lot of energy to create, energy to recycle and doesn’t really break down by itself. But Aztec Diamond know that small ripples can make big waves. They have switched their old plastic mailing bags to new bioplastic bags what breakdown within 18 months when exposed to UV light. Not only are they biodegradable, but they also use less energy to produce than traditional plastic bags.

aztec diamond bag

Your Equestrian Carbon Footprint

Have you thought about things you could be doing to improve your equestrian carbon footprint? I have seen some tack shops what are buying big containers of things like flyspray and shampoo. So you can bring your own bottles and pay to have them refilled. Some supplement companies are also sending the supplements out in tin or foil packaging instead of plastic tubs.

I am really lucky to keep Scottie in the village. So at the weekend and week day mornings I walk to the yard. Only driving if I am already in the car on the way home from work or if I have done my monthly feed run. But I know there is more I could be doing. For example, currently all our feed bags are burnt by the yard owner every so often. I’m sure if I looked into it, the paper Baileys bags could be recycled or something.

Last Updated on 02/10/2019

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