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Tiger Tongue Review

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen some posts talking about how great my Tiger Tongue is. The Tiger Tongue was the only thing I bought at Badminton earlier this year and since Scottie has been out of work, we haven’t been doing much grooming. But the Tiger Tongue has become a vital part of my grooming routine, mainly because of how versatile it is.

So what is the Tiger Tongue?

In case you aren’t a cat person, cats have little spikes on their tongues what act a bit like little hooks. This means their tongue is a perfect brush for grooming themselves. The Tiger Tongue is a sponge inspired by cats’ tongues. It’s much rougher than a normal sponge, but is still fairly soft and behaves like a sponge.

What is it good for?

So far everyone I know who has used the tiger tongue loves it and raves about it. I love it for removing poo stains from Scottie. It works much better than just a brush and is much quicker and easier than washing it off with a wet sponge and shampoo. A quick rub with a dry Tiger Tongue removes the worst of a poo stain. It might need a bit more work on a grey, but for Scottie’s orange coat it is plenty.

I also really like it for when the seasons start to change as Scottie gets a really scabby dandruff coat. The tiger tongue sponge does a better job and removing all the dead skin from the coat than a brush alone. But I like to pair it with Botanica’s 5 in 1 spray. This helps to remove even more grime, giving Scottie’s coat a great shine.

Very Hardy

Another thing I love about this sponge is that it is very hardy. I find most sponges start to share wear and tear very quickly. But this one is still going strong and is pretty easy to keep clean. So while it costs more than I would usually spend on a sponge (£5-£8), I think it is well worth the price and I love it!



Last Updated on 15/10/2019

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