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Can I count hand walking as a workout?

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Some of you may remember my post about a month ago about how I was making a great start to my Habits and Consistency course with Cherry Tree Training. But what with some pretty massive routine changes for me what with Cecil joining the family and Scottie’s new routine of two twenty-minute walks a day (plus his current box rest,) my routine has been really shaken up. This has meant that the new rules I put in place to help me achieve my goals for my Habits and Consistency course haven’t been applied the same way. 


So now that we are at the busiest point of my new routine, I thought it would be a good time to think about restarting the course. That’s the great thing about Cherry Tree Training courses, once you’ve signed up, you have access for ever! 

My main goals for the course were: 

  • Be more active with small workouts a few times a week 
  • Keep on top of my poo picking 
  • Try not to snooze my alarm every day 

Now, the poo picking goal isn’t relevant at the moment as Scottie is in for another few weeks. But I was doing really well with this goal before he went on box rest. So I am fairly confident that after mucking out twice a day for a month, I will be able to pick up the poo picking several times a week once he is out again. 

I have also been doing quite well at not snoozing my alarm. It’s only really been the past few weeks where I have been run down and a bit ill where I have been struggling with this one. But also, due to needing to find an extra twenty minutes in the morning to walk Scottie, I have been getting up not long after my alarm anyway to make sure I fit it in! So like the poo picking, I’m sure once I am back to full health I will be able to get back into the routine of this one okay. 

What are my workout goals? 

So this brings us back to my workout goal. The main reason I wanted to sign up to the Habits and Consistency course was that I knew I wasn’t being active enough without riding. Plus, I hoped that by getting into good exercise habits while Scottie was out of action, that I would be in decent shape when I got back in the saddle and that I would be in a habit of exercising on specific days, which would help me stay disciplined with my schooling. 

I thought, if I could get into the routine of doing a mini workout four times a week, that would be great. The course provides inviting two-minute workouts to get you committing to the habit with optional follow on workouts if you are wanting to do more. So realistically, I would be doing anything from eight minutes to an hour of workouts over a week – really not much at all. But hopefully enough to build the habit.  

Thanks to the forty minutes of hand walking a day, I am already doing a lot more extra exercise than I had originally planned. Which is why I am wondering if I should be trying to squeeze workouts into my routine on top of this? 

I know that walking for forty minutes won’t give me the same results I was hoping for from a more specific core workout plan. But with Scottie on a walking plan for the next five and a half months, I am wondering if I should instead be looking at adapting my original plan to something a bit different. 

One of my ideas was to put off the trying to create regular mini workout habits throughout the week, and instead commit to one longer core specific workout a week. I could use the great habit theory in the Habits and Consistency course and combine it with the slightly more intense workouts from Core Essentials. 

Scottie’s Rehab Plan 

Afterall, I need to iron out some details with my vet, but Scottie’s current plan is looking like: 

  • 2 more weeks box rest with 2x 20-minute walks 
  • 1-month pen rest with 2x 20-minute walks 
  • 4 months turnout with walking 

I need to check what the walking plan will look like for the last four months, as I’m not sure if it will still be forty minutes a day or if it will be less. But I am finding it hard to commit to making these habit changes knowing that I might be running myself ragged for months trying to fit it all in.  

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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