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Winter carriage rides at Richmond Park

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You may have seen that at the weekend I was invited to Richmond Park to have a carriage ride from Operation Centaur. I was invited by the lovely Claire from Equipassion UK along with Dreamy Ponies and the adorable Kizzy and Ettie (plus their parents.)

We met at Operation Centaur’s stables in Richmond Park and were greeted with homemade slow gin and mince pies. What better way than to get into the festive spirit at 10am on a Sunday morning? I also got the chance to meet the two lovely greys, Heath and Nobby, who would be taking us around Richmond Park.

Despite the horrible weather we have had recently, we were really lucky and while it was cold, it was glorious sunshine. So sitting in the open top carriage was lovely, especially with all the cosy tartan blankets provided. I had plenty of layers on my top half, but as usually my legs were just in boots and jeans. But the blanket kept me nice and toasty throughout the ride.

The ride itself was incredible. It lasted just over an hour; I think they aim for 75 minutes. We saw most of Richmond park, including stopping by the lake for a perfect photo opportunity. We saw several herds of deer, what Richmond Park are famous for. (We’ve all seen the Fenton video!) Plus there is something so surreal about riding round a beautiful park being able to see the London skyline on the not so distant horizon.

The horses had jingle bells on, really helping with the festive feeling and it certainly was the first time I have felt Christmassy this year. Plus the public loved it, with everyone stopping to watch us go by and take photos. And who can blame them? It was such a stunning sight!

While I’m not sure how much enjoyment small children would get out of it after the initial 20 minutes, small children are free if they sit on their parent’s laps, so you aren’t paying any extra for them! The tickets are sold in pairs, which I think makes them the perfect winter date idea for your horsey partner. Details on booking winter carriage rides can be found on Operation Centaur’s website here.

The money made from the carriage rides goes towards funding all the fantastic work Operation Centaur do. I hope to write another post soon just on the work they do, but until then I wanted to give you an overview of what they are about.

  • Promoting the working horse. Horses can perform delicate conservation tasks more easily than machinery. They also create less disturbance to the local wildlife.
  • 1-2-1 equine therapy. They understand the benefits horses can have on our mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Community work. They combine what they are most passionate about, working horses and wellbeing to provide charitable services to the community.

Check out my Instagram TV from the day:

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