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Getting stronger out of the saddle

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If you saw my last post about Scottie and have been following our progress, I have not been riding properly for over and year and won’t be back in the saddle any time soon. So as lovely as it has been having a bit more rest and not having to look after myself quite as much as I should, the time has come to step it up a bit.

Why am I making changes?

My biggest reason for wanting to make changes is that for years, riding has been my main source of exercise. While I don’t think I have put on much weight or let myself go since not riding, I know that my body needs a bit more structure and unfortunately that means exercise!

The other reason is that I am hoping that Scottie will be able to come back into work at some point. Which means that I need to be in decent shape to help him. The more balanced and stronger I am in my core, the easier it will be for him. Plus if I lose a few pounds that can only help!


Since not riding I have been having a lot of aches and pains. So I finally got myself looked at by a physio and was told that I have hypermobility, which is what is causing virtually all my aches and pains! One of you actually suggested this when I complained about aching joints recently, so you were spot on!

For those of you who (like me) have no idea what hypermobility is, it basically means you are overly flexible in some or all of your joints. While this isn’t a problem in itself, it can also mean you are more likely to sprain and strain your joints and muscles, especially if you aren’t aware of it. There are also other symptoms such as clicking joints, regular dislocations etc.

But on the back of this new information, my physio has given me exercises to do throughout the day to help me correct issues I am causing for myself. Such as slouching at my desk at work and overstretching joints while stretching.


Some of the girls at work have created a Netball team in one of the local leagues. So I am now playing a game of netball every Monday for the next 9 weeks until the end of the league. We had our first game this week and despite none of us having played since school I think we did pretty well. And it was great fun!


On top of all this, I do still have all my usual yard duties and Scottie’s in hand walking at least once a day. So I am hoping that all of these things together will not only help me get stronger and fitter, but also stop me from injuring myself during my day to day life.

Keep your eyes peeled on social media for some clips from my new activities!

Last Updated on 09/06/2022

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