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#SocialSuperChargeEquestrian Challenge

small and supercharged challenge

If you follow me on social media you may have seen my posts this week from a 5-day challenge hosted by Rhea Freeman. The aim of this challenge was to help me shake up my social media content a little bit by sharing more regularly and sharing some different content to what I might do normally.

I love these challenges as it really motivates me to not only share new content, but also engage in other people taking part in the challenge. It’s also great to see my own following and engagement increase! So if you ever see these challenges popping up on social media DO take part! They are great fun and sometimes really make you think.

The topics this week were quite broad and meant you could post quite a lot of different content each week. Day one was to introduce yourself but try and get away from the typical “Hi, my name is….” To try and be engaging and relatable. I did this by trying to 2 truths and a lie, which really got people involved!

Day two was your horse of a lifetime, which of course was a great time to reintroduce Scottie to any new followers. Day three was a product you can’t live without and this has inspired me to try and have this as a regular feature on my social where I can highlight products I love and link back to reviews on here. Day four was to shout about someone who supports you, a great way to recognise sponsors and family members. And finally, day five was a tour of something, a great way to use video in a week what has probably been mostly photos.

You can find most if not all the entries by having a look at the #socialsuperchargeequestrian on Instagram.

Last Updated on 10/02/2020

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