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Introducing Just Strong ~ Perfect Workout Wear

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I have been sharing more fitness related content and have been getting targeted with Just Strong adverts on Instagram. I have been seeing them for a few months now and I have always liked the look of the clothing in the adverts, but never purchased.

However, on the back of my recent fitness kick to hopefully be in better shape for April in the hope that Scottie can return to work, I thought it would be investing in some workout wear. I currently play netball in the same pair of trackies each week and while they are fine for now, over the summer I will probably want something cooler and lighter. Plus workout wear doubles up really well as horse wear!

So with the help of a cheeky discount code, I finally decided to make a purchase. I wasn’t 100% sure about sizing, with their largest size being a 16. I have found in the past that companies with a top size of 16 often come up small. I didn’t want to buy loads just to have to swap or return it all. So I started with one pair of leggings. I’m really into olive and kaki green at the moment!

All the clothes are made to order, so it isn’t the quickest delivery in the world. I think mine took about a week and a half to arrive, which isn’t awful. I didn’t feel like I was waiting for ages for them to turn up. But it might be tricky if you need something ASAP. However, I get the feeling that this is still a fairly small business and with growth they may well change their system and have a bit more stock in warehouses waiting to go.

just strong leggings

How did I find the product?

Long story short, I LOVE the leggings. I went for the Seamless Sculpt leggings in the end. They are super comfy and while I was a little bit worried about them coming up small, they are a really good fit, I could possibly even go down a size as while they are nice and flush against me, they are stretchy and have plenty of give. They are also nice and long.

I have done a few of my Cherry Tree workouts with them and they have been perfect. They don’t move at all while I am. I might have also spent this weekend lounging around the house in them. After just a few days of wearing them I have put a new order in for these same leggings in a few different colours plus some of the matching tank tops. I’ve also got my eye on their matching sports bras. So they might be in my next order!

On the back of my order, I am pleased to say that I am now an ambassador for Just Strong, meaning that I can offer you 10% off on all your purchases with the code EQUIPEP10.

Last Updated on 09/06/2022

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