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Fairfax & Favor Regina Review

fairfax and favor regina

You may have seen on my social media that I am a very proud owner of a pair of Fairfax & Favor boots. I have drooled over the brand for ages, largely thanks to Tina from Life On The Left Rein who has the most gorgeous collection! So I started looking into making my first purchase.

I wanted a long boot, but having wide calves I always struggle to find boots to fit. But I heard that the Fairfax & Favor Regina comes in a sporting fit. This news filled me with hope and at Burghley last year I visited the Fairfax and Favor stand to try some boots on. While I was worried about the zip not doing all the way up, the attendant zipped me in and reassured me that they would stretch in time. So I popped them on my birthday list and opened them in November. I have been in love with them ever since!

grey boot tassels on navy reginas fairfax and favor

Amazing Colour Options

One of the best features about the Regina range is the amount of colour options available. The Regina currently comes in 5 suede and 2 leather colour options with the occasional sessional special such as the oxblood over winter.

Combine this with the fact that the tassels are interchangeable and come in a huge range of colours included special limited edition colours, just one pair of boots can be paired with any outfit! There are so many different colour options. You can see my entire collection and some outfit suggestions in my post a Boot Tassel for every occasion.

fairfax & favor boot tassels

Great Style options

With the choice between heeled or flat and suede and leather, these boots can be as casual or dressy as you like. If you are looking for a comfy but stylish boot to wear to horsey weekends like Badminton, you might go for a flat boot perhaps in leather which is better suited for the mud. But if you are looking for a boot for a day at the races, you might go for a heeled suede Regina.

I went for a heeled suede boot as I don’t plan on wearing them anywhere near the mud and I wanted a nice going out boot.

fairfax and favor regina

Several Fit Options

The tan boot currently comes in 3 width sizes; narrow, standard and sporting fit. So there should be a boot to fit everyone! If you wanted a sporting fit or narrow in another colour, you used to be able to call up and customer order for this. However, I believe this has stopped with them hoping to bring out more colours in these sizes, possibly starting with the navy and chocolate.

As well as the different size options, there are also elastic panels to help get the perfect fit.

Super Comfy & Versatile

As I said at the beginning of this post, I LOVE THESE BOOTS! I have worn them all day at work in the office, Christmas parties, days at the races, meals out and meetings in London. I don’t get achy heel feet and I have actually found them support my feet really well so I have less foot pain than usual! I can highly recommend them for anyone looking for a new favourite boot.

fairfax and favor boots

Pricey But Luxury

They aren’t the cheapest boots in the world. Depending on whether you go for heels or flat, you are looking at paying Β£320+ which is an investment. But they are such amazing quality and as long as you look after them, they are the type of boot to last forever. And while I never dreamed of being able to afford these boots, now I have a pair I am addicted and already looking at a new pair! Plus they have a great refer a friend scheme, so if you buy regularly you can get a great discount!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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