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EquiPepper in Lock Down!

Scottie being grumpy on box rest! Great photo for his phrenology though! Preventing equine flu

If you read my last post about looking after horses during this Covid-19 crisis, you will know that I made changes to Scottie’s routine to enable me to stick closer to the Governments guidelines of only going outside for exercise once a day. Well over the weekend my brother has come down with tonsillitis and because one of his symptoms is a fever, the whole house is now on full lock down for 14 days!

This means no walking the dog, no exercise out of the property, no visits to the yard. It is going to be really hard! Luckily, the girls at the yard are fantastic and are looking after Scottie for me. But it will be the longest time I’ve ever not seen him for and since I will be sitting at home, almost able to see him from my garden it’s going to feel like torture!

I am also lucky that we have a decent sized garden. So hopefully we can keep Cecil occupied out there a few times a day as he won’t be getting his usual 2 long walks a day.

These changes also further knock back my plans with Scottie. He has been looking pretty good recently and I was in the process of seeing if he can start coming back into work. But that’s a whole other post on it’s own which I am hoping to write with all this extra free time I have stuck in the house. But it does mean he won’t be getting his in hand walks for 2 weeks, what is a bit annoying.

Hopefully these changes shouldn’t effect the blog too much. If anything the extra time might just be exactly I need to get back into the swing of it. I just might have to get a bit creative with the content, especially my Product of the week feature on Instagram each week as it will have to be something I have in the house. But I do have a few exciting things lined up for this week so keep your eyes peeled, especially on our social media!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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