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Possible progress for Scottie

Highland Rain aka Scottie

Scottie’s 6 months of rehab after his last MRI are over and we should now be looking at him again to see if we can think about getting back on. But with everything going on right now, it’s not going to happen just yet.

I had a look at him just before the country went into lock down and I think he looked really positive. As he has been virtually the entire time, he was sound on a straight line and on the soft. He was sound on a left lunge on the hard. On a right circle he would have 3 off steps at the exact same place each circle but okay to my eye everywhere else. A few days later I lunged him on a smaller but possibly flatter circle on the hard, and to my eye he was sound on both reins.

Based on this knowledge I was hoping to be able to think about bringing Scottie back into work. He was booked in to have his routine back check and I was waiting to hear back from my vet with the all clear to carry on so I could book his saddler too. But then the lock down came in and understandably, all these things have been cancelled.

We have no end date as of yet and I am still on full self isolation until the weekend anyway. So while it hopefully is positive for Scottie to be able to return to work this year and see how he gets on, it probably won’t be for a few months yet. But I still have my fingers crossed that he will be able to return to some level of work and having a few months hand walking certainly won’t do him any harm!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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