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Please don’t release Sky Lanterns for the NHS!

sky lantern

At least one sky lantern company has created a special sky lantern to be released as part of the Clap for the NHS on a Thursday evening with all proceeds going to the NHS. While this is a lovely idea, please do not release these (or any) sky lanterns.

Fire Risk

These lanterns pose a huge fire risk, especially in the countryside where there are barns full of hay and houses with thatched roofs. People could lose their homes, their livelihood and get seriously injured in the process. Plus the fires could put a strain on the police, fire and health services. Just earlier this year a zoo caught on fire killing endangered animals in Germany.

Animal Welfare

Not only do they pose a fire risk, but when the lanterns come back down, they have been known to severely burn horses and livestock out in the fields. You can see the damage caused to one event horse here. Even if they come back down to earth safely, they can still be eaten by wild animals or they can get stuck in them.

Other ways to support the NHS

There are plenty of other ways to support the NHS right now. Many companies are offering special products where proceeds go towards the NHS or a percentage of all sales going to NHS charities. There are plenty of every day people doing amazing things from the safety of their own home to encourage you to donate.

But the most important thing you can do to protect the NHS is stay home and be sensible. Don’t go out if you don’t have to other than your daily exercise. Try and do one big weekly shop rather than several smaller shops. If you have horses, have you been making changes to improve your social distancing? If not you can find some distancing ideas here.

Last Updated on 15/04/2020

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