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#EquiPepperStars Entries


Our search for the best ex racehorse in the UK is now closed and I now have the really difficult job of trying to narrow them down to the top 6! But with over 30 entries coming in from Facebook and Instagram, I thought I would put all the entries in one place so you can read through them all and see what amazing horses ex racehorses make!


#equipepperstars bradley

Why I fell in love with Bradley? Because he is kind, intelligent, competitive and a complete buffoon! 🤣 He made me fall in love with riding again and reminded me what it felt like when I had ponies growing up 💗 we compete and he puts his whole heart into it, I have never had a horse try so hard for me! And we just have fun too from playing in the arena to hacking to Bradley being ridiculous around the yard 🤣 I’m looking forward to lock down and having more fun without the pressure of getting competition fit and just enjoying being a kid again! Thank you Bradley for bringing the kid out in me again, I owe you everything 🦄💗 #exracers are the best!!


#equipepperstars nicky

Nicky is the best #exracehorse 🏇🏼 because of his adorable but very cheeky personality. He loves attention & to play, sometimes he steals things or chases the dogs but he is simply too cute 🥰


#equipepperstars caracus

This is reggie ( racename Caracas) He has just turned 6 and he finished racing September 2019. He came to me with little education outside of racing and with his fair share of anxious and health problems. After many vets bills and totally restarting he is turning into an absolute star. He has started doing online dressage and is doing well and our dreams are British Eventing 2021. I know we will get there and I know he will do it. He tried his heart out and I love him to bits. He has found his forever home where he can grow and show others what a star I know he is 🌟. I think he would be a worthy winner for #equipepperstars and can show what absolutely awesome horses these ex racers can be with time, patience and lots of love 💕 x


#equipepperstars allforthelove

‘Allforthelove’ aka Scotty loves life after racing. Our Scottish boy enjoying life in Suffolk. He’s such a gentle boy and is spoilt by his two mums! Mum and daughter share. Looks after us both and is loved by everyone 


#equipepperstars  Indubitably

This is Indubitably (GB) aka Samuel.After finishing a long jump racing career, mostly in Ireland, he came to me fresh off the track as a 9yr old.He is quite frankly, the most handsome, intelligent and amazing horse ever!We have enjoyed so many activities together including Showing, Dressage, X Country and Fun Rides.Almost two years ago we discovered Trec! This amazingly talented horse has taken this multi discipline sport in his stride going from starter to Open Intermediate levels in one season, being always placed or winning both winter and summer league competitions, nationally and regionally.The total pinnacle of our journey was being asked to be part of the showcase and demostrations by Trec GB at last year’s Your Horse Live! He is my perfect horse! 


#equipepperstars dontcallmeginger

This is Dontcallmeginger . Raced on and the flat as a 4 year old with a modest win but then ultimately binned . He came to me from a dealer as a 7/8 year old I think . Having previously evented to Novice level but hung my boots up I brushed them off and retrained this little horse and started competing again . He was 3rd and 5 th in his first BE 90,s jumping double clears . He went from strength to strength finally taking me back Novice and winning points at his second Novice attempt . He was then professionally evented and won a CCI short and had numerous good Novice placings including a win at ON . He also won an RoR class at the Lincolnshire Show with me and 2 nd the following year with his eventing jockey . He is a head shaker but despite this tries his heart out and rarely had a showjumping pole and has a pretty impressive Xc record . After seeing a plea from a teenage who had sadly lost her lovely mare he went on loan to mend her broken heart . He became a PC horse attending rallies etc and ultimately won the area intermediate eventing and went to the championships . He also represented the PC at the showjumping at Burghley . But most of all he is the happiest horse I have ever owned . He is always smiling and willing to please you . He adores his new mummy in his loan home and is , despite his issue with pollen etc , one of the loviest horses I have shared my life with.

Gift of D’Gab

#equipepperstars Gift of D'Gab

This is Gift of D’Gab ! Prolific winner back in the day, now trying very hard to be a prima ballerina and succeeding. He has qualified for the ROR championship at Aintree 2020 (if it goes ahead). Fingers crossed he will still be as laid back when he gets there and doesn’t think he’s magically turned back into a racehorse! !!!

Ingleby Hill

#equipepperstars ingleby hill

This is mine Ingleby Hill and he is truly one in a million. He was a rubbish racehorse but has been a brilliant show horse winning at HOYS, great Yorkshire show, Lincoln, Nottingham and many many more. His results have reduced me and my team to tears on many occasions. I’m privileged to own him – not only does he try his heart out for me he is the most loving and caring horse I’ve ever known. He makes u cuddle him and u can never feel sad around him for long. He is 16 now and been out of racing for 12 years so his showing days are more limited now and he has also developed kissing spine but this doesn’t stop him from still being the best in my eyes. He is my world 

Totally Focused

#equipepperstars totally focused

Totally Focused is the best ex racehorse ever, because despite being a former racing star, he is an absolute saint. He hasn’t done anything aside from hacking in a few months and with a more experienced rider, he was a bit lively, and more excited, however, when I got on him, I think he sensed I was a little more nervous, and didn’t put a hoof wrong. He has a heart of gold and the best personality you could ask for 

Red Inferno

#equipepperstars red inferno

Red inferno, 9yo ex flat racer. He mainly events and has been up to 2* level last season but he is a real family horse. My mum completed her wobbleberry challenge on him when he was only 6, she hadn’t jumped for about 20years! He has turned his hoofs to side saddle/showing as well as his usual sj/dressage alongside the eventing. He also lets my dad ride him for family hacks, my godmother adores him and he is now the only horse she will ride out on along with teaching many other riders what it’s like sitting on a Ferrari in the yard. He is an absolute diamond and not just my best friend but a true family bestie  one we hope to move further up the grades eventing 

Katy May

#equipepperstars katy may

Katy may, she had a tough start with us as she came to us very skinny and no muscle. She had an accident in her home before us where her shoe took off a lot of hoof when she pulled it off in the field. We left her through winter with no shoes and no riding to try to get her in the best condition possible before restarting her new career. She has the best personality sometimes a bit cheeky and very silly but also very loving and always try’s her best to please everyone. When we got her she was very nervous but all of that has now turn into her boldness which we love so much. She has done everything since being with us and has never put her hoof wrong. She looks after my little sisters who walk her in hand and she is just a big dog.

Tranquil River

#equipepperstars Tranquil River

River is a 15 year old and had been off the tracks for 10 years now (but shake a feed bucket and he races up the field like he never left). I picked him up on a whim for very little money and a two and a half hour drive across the country  He was advertised with two badly taken pictures and a bit of a nutcase when we arrived (turns out he doesn’t like being stabled or loaded so we now live out 24/7 with a shelter because his mental state is really important to me… And he got really dangerous in a stable we were renting )We live a nice quiet life together and just enjoy hacking and schooling at home. The plan was to do RoR and some online dressage this year but obviously riding is out the window at the moment as I’m stuck at uni and he’s home with my mum and the kids.The kids adore him. My brother has autism and finds River really calming. We go on little rides together and he’s learning to do more with him like rigs etc because he’s 11. The littler siblings adore he because he’s so dopey. He just wants a cuddle and will happily plod round with them on him (or stand and eat his dinner).River has been my rock through a lot of things in the 3 years I’ve had him now and he may not be everyone’s ring champion but the gentle look in his eyes especially towards my little sister makes him my champion every time 

Sgt Roberts

#equipepperstars sgt roberts

Sgt Roberts (IRE) is literally the best horse we have had. We have had teenagers compete him and ride him and he looks after them very well. Great character to have on the yard and very handsome when he is smiling!He has done everything. I’ve asked of him and owes me nothing! From hacks In the forrest to eventing he does it all and does it well  we love him so much and loving the extra time I get to spend with him.


#equipepperstars vita

This is the beautiful Vita, who turned 20 years young on 2nd April this year.She is truly one in a million and has a personality to die for, which of course includes all of the Thoroughbred quirks that we all couldn’t live without!She finished racing as a three year old (wasn’t for her) and went on to be re-trained for Polo and now plays Polocrosse.Myself and my fiancé have had the pleasure of owning her for the past 8 years and we wouldn’t be without her. She takes absolutely everything in her stride and always gives 110%.We almost lost her at the end of last year due to a freak accident whilst out hacking (a piece of wire went into her leg twice narrowly missing her joint) – she was verbally given the best patient award by our vet and they couldn’t believe her recovery time.She’s as tough as old boots and the best horse I have ever had the pleasure of calling my own.Her funniest quirk is smiling and she does it A LOT (picture of smile in comments) 

My Pearl

#equipepperstars my pearl

This is My Pearl aka Jim he is 11 years old. We loaned him from the age of 4, his owner needed to sell him so we bought him after a few months. We weren’t experts but couldn’t let him go. He is a typical tb donkey to demon in seconds. He tries his best with everything, weve shown, done dressage, jumping and one day events, but theres nothing better than going for a walk in the woods with him chatting as we go. He gets us out of bed on a morning, and he brightens up every day. He’s not perfect but he is to us, the best thing that ever happened to us 


#equipepperstars mowbray

Mowbray- my 25. Year old ex hurdler- paied a mer ££ for him 15 years ago to retrain to sj. He was my main Bsja horse for 9 years and still competes all summer at local, county and national level qualifying for the ror National and regional championships for the last 6 years. He won the regional 1 metre class for 3 years running and had many placing a at the national championships over the last 3 years. He has jumped all over the place at Hickstead for 5 years and very fairly let’s me down. He now at the older age has slowed down a bit but loves a summer of sj and galloping and of course eating. I don’t know many horses that have turned a hoof to sj, arena eventing, x country, showing and dressage and for 15 years after a good time as a racehorse before.He truly is in my view the best ex racehorse 

Just Paul

#equipepperstars just paul

This is ‘Just Paul’, ex flat racer, rescue and my best friend He was originally bought by lottery winners, and raced (fairly successfully) for 4 years! He then ended up at a rescue, where I part loaned him and then eventually took him on full time!It’s taken a while to get him up to scratch, as I’ve had to fix his dodgy feet, and he couldn’t even trot around a school when I started! But we’re back to learning some dressage and jumping! Earlier this year we hacked all the way to a dressage competition, competed, and hacked back! He was an absolute star  He’s taking it all in his stride and is one of the most intelligent and willing horses I have ever had the pleasure to ride  he’s had nervous and novice riders on him, and has never ever put a foot wrong.Outside of riding, he is the SOFTEST and most playful horse I have ever met! He asks for hugs by resting his head on you and he loves nothing more than having a scratch behind the ears. His current favourite trick is to beg with his front leg, but not for a treat, all he wants is a boop on the nose, and he’s happy My non horsey parents absolutely adore him, and spend hours cuddling him and leading him around the farm like he’s a big dog He honestly is the best horse ever, I don’t know what I’d do without him! And I can’t wait for this year to get back to normal so we can get out and show everyone how special he is 


#equipepperstars ravenbank

This is Raven (Ravenbank point to point racer) was a terrible racer  pulled up every race. But makes the perfect pet!! hacks jumps schools nicely  just a big dope. Coming up 14 years old last raced 6 years ago can’t imagine life without him and his kisses. He doesn’t know what personal space is always putting his nose in my face and is amazing in company with my 11 month old son  he’s a big friendly giant and a horse in a million 

Clan Gathering

#equipepperstars clan gathering

This is Jimmy aka Clan Gathering a 12yo former racehorse. He wasn’t exactly the best racehorse with just 3 starts in bumpers (national hunt flat).I knew Jimmy in 2014 when I worked in racing, he was at the dealers yard I had a 1 year stint at and he was basically my pet and favourite horse. Unfortunately he left the yard while I was there and I never saw him again.Roll on May 2019 and I saw a facebook post from a rescue centre saying that they were rehoming him! He had ben abandoned in a field with a broodmare. I sent the post to my friend who worked at the same yard as me and was like “look its Jimmy” she jokingly said put him in my spare stable, one week later he was in the back of the lorry!Summer 2019 I spent bringing him back into work, he was a bit wild due to not being handled for 3 years but I was soon hacking him out and riding him in the school as he is such an honest horse who is willing to learn. Autumn I spent keeping him fit, hoping to get him out on the RoR showing circuit as I have been told that he is such a handsome horse! Unfortunately in December 2019, Jimmy had a bout of severe colic (displacement of his colon), he had to spend 4 days in Rainbow Equine Hospital where it was touch on go if he was going to pull through. Thankfully with medical care he was able to be discharged before Christmas!Two months later we began training and re schooling Jimmy for the new show season! He was improving so well with help of my trainer. However a certain world pandemic has taken over! I work for the NHS so Jimmy’s workload has slowed down slightly but I am still ticking him over.I believe Jimmy is one the best ex racehorses because he is such a fighter and a learner who loves to please! He is so talented despite his lack of retraining and I am sure when the shows start up again we will be overloaded with red rosettes showing and showjumping!  It is basically film worthy our reunion as I thought the worst happened to him 6 years ago when he left the yard I worked at, he will be with me for the rest of his life as I love him and he doesn’t have a bad bone in him. 

Martian Mystery

#equipepperstars martian mystery

This is my beautiful Martian mystery aka mooey ! I’ve owned her since she was just coming up 4 and she turned 17 in March  she, like many other people’s horses has been my sanity for many years and 8 years ago gave me an amazing son ! Love them both very much , she’s so special , such a sweet little mare I love her x

Danish Blues

#equipepperstars danish blues

Blue is a 17 year old 15.3 retrained former racehorse. Blue has been retrained for the past five years and is now a true dressage diva. He loves to strut his stuff in matchy matchy gear. He is currently flicking his toes through prelim silver and novice tests, however is also showing of the occasional flying changes at home as he takes on elementary work too! Blue wasn’t always the happy, healthy horse he is now. Unfortunately when Blue was initially rehomed he was covered in rain scald – the worst the vet had ever seen – he had numerous abscesses and was severely under weight. With lots of tender love and care he gradually came into his self and has gone from strength to strength in his training constantly raising the bar to each new challenge. Last year Blue surpassed all expectations qualifying for BD Scottish Championships, Veteran Championships, Thoroughbred Championships, RoR Championships, Petplan Area Festivals, Petplan Finals and Winter Regionals across both prelim and novice level. Blue placed second and third respectively in last year’s RoR National Scottish Dressage Championships for both prelim and novice level too.  He also placed top ten at Petplan Area Festivals securing us a place at the Finals! As a result of all his successes he was nominated, shortlisted and handpicked by RoR Patron Clare Balding OBE as the winner of the  RoR Heart Stopper of the year Award celebrating his journey in overcoming adversity.  From rescue to reserve national champion, he really is our little diamond in the rough. We also run a blog where you can follow his progress – all the ups and downs! Racecourse to Dressagehorse


#equipepperstars snooker

This is Snooker, he’s my absolute world, we got him straight from the racing yard nearly 5 years ago. Took 8 months to get him riding out on his own, no confidence at all. We got there eventually! After only owning him just over a year I suddenly lost my mum, I was in 2 minds to carry on re schooling him! Am so glad I did as he’s turned out a truly beautiful horse, he’s very keen, he’s enjoyed some dressage, show jumping, showing classes & endurance. He really enjoys getting out & about. He’s always wants to please. He’s Definitely been there for me, that am very grateful for.

Must Have

#equipepperstars must have

Must Have, my 8 year old ex racer! I’ve had him since he was 4 and he’s over come so much from kissing spine to other serious life threatening conditions and has over come it all and he’s the most genuine, gentlest, easiest horse to be around and takes everything in his stride!He’s safely taken me out competing, to the beach and day trips to the forest and has made me smile every day since he joined the family!!!He adores children and has given many adults and children their first ever ride and has kept each person on and off ground safe when they groom, ride and spend time with him He is one in a life time and I’m very proud to be his human!!

Johnny Alpha

#equipepperstars johnny alpha

This is Johnny Alpha a 19 year old ex group one racehorse. He is a horse in a million; I bought him nearly 4 years ago from a hunting home. I am a 62 year old very nervous rider and when I tried him I just knew he would look after me and he certainly does. About 18 months ago we thought we would try him in shows with my yard manager riding and again giving us 200% he has done us proud. All the more amazing after finding out he has plates and pins in his leg. I attach a photo of him at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Everyone loves him – he has got some funny ways though – if he thinks you’re a bit late with his feed or his haynet is empty or he wants to be turned out he will dig up his bed and throw himself on the floor so someone will come running. He doesn’t seem to realise we all know his tricks now. He still gets what he wants though! .

Sirius Chestnut

#equipepperstars sirius chestnut

“Sirius Chesnut” has been with me for 5 years. He has gone from not being able to canter 3 strides on a circle to recently competing at medium level dressage! He’s an absolute superstar. No vices, great feet, super conformation and a beautiful person who’s friends with every one – horse and human. I’ve never seen him pull a nasty face. He’s the best horse I’ve had.


#equipepperstars Bassino

Meet our incredibly special boy Bassino.. Bertie to his friends. He is 7yo..2yrs off the track and has taken all this time to settle into a quieter life.Bertie has been our longest to retrain.. But most definitely the one worth waiting for.. No words can explain the sheer joy this boy brings us!! Huge love for the handsome one

Querry Briezh

#equipepperstars querry briezh

This is my boy Querry Briezh (Alfi) who I have had for 11years now. He was bred and raced in France and then came over here to a dealer who I brought him off 2 months later. He had no personality and was very quiet and sorry for himself when I tried him so I had to get him. When I got him home his sad story showed and he HATED people!! He would try to kick and bite me and had a huge defensive wall up all the time. It then turned out he really did not like men and he would run back if a man was to try and touch him. I had to have him sedated for the farrier every time until he got his confidence up with him. We have worked so hard together and now he is a completely different soppy horse (maybe a little too clingy to me now ) but he trusts people now and knows they aren’t going to hurt him. He has developed navicular but this doesn’t stop us with our amazing farrier. We are happy hackers but that suits us fine as he is 16 years old now. But I would never be without him and he has a forever home with me 

Henry Jenkins

#equipepperstars henry jenkins

This is Henry Jenkins age 13. Henry is an ex NH horse who ran 4 times until he decided racing wasn’t for him. He’s been with me 6 years now and I adore him!! A few years ago I had an accident on another horse (non TB) and lost my confidence completely, Henry has taught me to ride again and have confidence, I started off so nervous just being able to sit on him was an achievement. Now we are doing dressage and started jumping! Henry at 17.2hh is a big gentle giant with a quirky personality but we trust each other completely. Henry has been turned out with babies the last few years and taught them how to be horses and loves being near his horsey friends in the field and stable. Overall hes my best friend!

Galway Gem

#equipepperstars galway gem

Here is my beautiful girl Galway Gem. Galway had a rough start in life and sadly she has battled through many things and still come out bigger and better each time. I have had the pleasure of her for 4 years now and this horse has never thrown me off and has never ever put a foot wrong. It’s not about how high we jump, or what colour our rosettes are, it’s about how safe this gentle giant (to little old 5ft me!) Makes you feel when on board. She is the safest, gentlest, most genuine horse I have ever met in my life. She will keep me safe even if something is scaring the life out of her. I love her more than words can even describe and I’d love for others to know what a wonderful horse she is 


#equipepperstars ordensritter

This is ordensritter he’s 12 years old , finished racing 2 years ago, since I’ve owned him he’s had a hairline fracture to his radius after he was kicked, starts of navicular and changes in his pastern , he is still happy go lucky boy , I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just as we were rehabbing his leg, he always waits for me and if I’m wobbly he will move closer to help me, if when we were riding and I’d get really tired he would just help me anyway he can, he loves children and will do anything for them, he will watch over them if they are playing near his field , even when a friends daughter climbed up the gate to say hello he held her there until her mum arrived to make sure she didn’t fall this boy is one in a million always puts a smile on my face , loves his showing and the camera, the kids can dress him up and he’s not phased ,the bond we have is amazing .

Ladies Dancing

#equipepperstars ladies dancing

This is ladies Dancing he is now 14 and only finished racing last November still being placed and winning at the age of 13, he is a total trier, not phased by anything unless it’s his rug he’s not a fan of any rugs, he was my other horse ordensritter old stable mate from his racing days these two are never far away from each other, he loves cuddles and food, and enjoys children esp when they try to tickle him with a feather, this horse has a massive heart of gold, both my horses are not only my friends they are my saviour my therapy my everything, I think I used all my luck when I found these horses

Thank you everyone for all your entries. I know have the really difficult choice of selecting the top 6! We love hearing about all your ex racehorses and would love to see you in our Ex Racehorse Database group on Facebook.

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