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Scottie keeping me sane through lockdown

Scottie looking stunning on a light feed balancerin the sun, managing arthritis in horses

We are now in week 8 of lockdown in the UK and I think it has hit us all one way or another. I have been incredibly lucky during lockdown, I am working from home, the first few weeks of lockdown was incredibly busy for us. I’m also still living with my parents with everyone at home, so while we don’t always get on, we certainly aren’t isolated. But what has really kept me going has been owning Scottie.

Our yard is pretty small, just 6 liveries with the yard owners 2 horses what live out. Being small and a DIY yard we had no restrictions put on when we could see our horses. We have all been sensible though. We have a hand washing station, most of use have our own separate tools and while we try and avoid each other, if we are at the yard at the same time we make sure we socially distance.

During lockdown not only have I had a good reason to leave the house every day, no matter the weather. It has also kept me moving as while I’m not riding, I still have all my yard jobs to make sure I am doing some exercise, even if it very low intensity it is still something. But one of the most helpful things has been able to talk to the yard girls most days, if not every day.

You might have seen from our other recent posts that Scottie is looking fantastic and we are ready to get back on. We are just waiting for our saddler and physio to start working again to give him some final checks. In the meantime I have enjoyed teaching him some new tricks.

With the lockdown restrictions being relaxed slightly, we have been able to enjoy more normal life at the yard. Last week a few of the girls were having lessons and it was lovely being able to sit outside my stable (obviously socially distanced from the other girls) watching the lessons. At the weekend we surprised one of the girls with socially distanced drinks for her 30th in the morning.

So while I have a feeling we have got a while before lockdown and social distancing is fully over, owning a horse and being at my amazing yard has made it so much easier for me.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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