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Long reining into the saddle

scottie returning to work, bridle fit

If you have been following Scottie’s progress, you might know that we were hoping to be bringing Scottie back into work in April. But due to Covid-19 this got put on hold when the physio and saddler stopped working during lockdown. However, people are slowly coming back to work and the ball is rolling on Scottie coming back again!

Physio & Saddler booked

I have been able to speak to both our saddler and our physio and have got appointments booked in. The physio is coming out this weekend to give Scottie the once over. I don’t think he will need too much work doing, but I have noticed he’s been a bit stiff during his carrot stretches on one side. So I imagine there are a few little niggles.

We also have the saddler coming out towards the end of next month. Fingers crossed our saddle will still fit with a bit of flocking as it will be hard to justify a new saddle when there’s no guarantee Scottie will stay sound once he returns to work. Obviously if he needs a new one he will get one. But I would like to hold off until he is through his rehab and we have a better idea of if he will stay sound or not.

Long reining in the meantime

Since it is nearly a month until the saddler, I have started to do a bit more work with Scottie in the meantime. We have been doing a bit of long reining in the school and round the turnout fields to give Scottie a reminder of what work is like. I’m also going to start using his proprioception bands a bit more often too. Plus maybe hand walk or long rein in the saddle before we get back on to remind him of what it feels like.

So keep everything crossed for us. But hopefully I will be back in the saddle very soon and Scottie can start enjoying having a job again. Even if that job is being a hack with the occasional dressage test!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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