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Jump Racing Returns to the UK

jump racing returns credit Credit Paul @ Flickr, changing fence colour

A month after flat racing returned to the UK, we are now set to see the return of National Hunt racing too! This is particularly exciting for me with the majority of my Owners Group horses being National Hunt horses. Chez Hans had a quick spin on the flat earlier this month and will likely head back over hurdles soon too.

Jump racing kicks off at Southwell racecourse tomorrow with a card of 8 races. It will be interesting to see what horses are running as many National Hunt horses went for their Summer holidays a bit early when racing was stopped. Many might not be back in work yet at all.

Social Distancing

As with the return of flat racing, there are still strict social distancing measures in place and races are still happening behind closed doors. The first few weeks of jump racings are also only for more experienced jockeys to try and eliminate any extra risk until things get going again.

Owners Returning

There are also rumours about talks taking place to decide if it is time to start to allow owners to the racecourse. The idea being that there should be enough space to socially distance owners on a racecourse, especially if the general public are still not attending. This could be very exciting with a few of my horses hopefully racing soon.

Owners Group Jump Horses

As I already mentioned, Chez Hans is fit and ready to go. So we will hopefully see him run soon. Paris Dixie is looking great and could return to the track over hurdles in August. But she prefers softer ground, which might not be possible for a while if we keep having this amazing weather. Wouldubewell is currently on her summer holiday but has started walking again and should head back to the trainer before August. So she should hopefully make an appearance over hurdles in the autumn.

Last Updated on 18/12/2020

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