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It was okay at the yard ~ Horsey phrases what won’t work in public

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We have our own language in the horse world. Things what are perfectly normal conversation topics at the yard, could get you plenty of funny looks from the general public or have your non horsey friends imagining some interesting scenes. So today we are going to look at some of these words and phrases.

“I’m just going to do some hacking.”

Horsey meaning: I’m going to ride my horse off the yard, maybe on some roads and fields.

General public: They are going to hack into some computer systems for some reason…

“I want a cob.”

Horsey meaning: I want a smaller but chunky type of horse known as a cob, often considered as somewhere in between a horse and pony.

General public: They want a bread roll.

“I might just do some lunging.”

Horsey meaning: I might stand still while my horse does circles around me on the end of a long rope for exercise.

General public: They are giving up on their planned workout and will just do some lunges instead.

“Yes, I’m just going to skip out.”

Horsey meaning: I’m just going to do a quick much out of my horse’s stable.

General public: They are going for a skip?

“We’re going to do A.I.”

Horsey meaning: We are going to use artificial insemination to get our mare pregnant.

General public: We are going to do something creepy with robots.

“She’s by Lincoln.”

Horsey meaning: Her dad is a stallion called Lincoln.

General public: She’s near the city of Lincoln.

Similarly; “She’s out of Chelsea.”

Horsey meaning: Her mum is a mare called Chelsea.

General public: She is from or has just left Chelsea in London.

What phrases do you say around the yard what might not go down well away from the yard?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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