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Country Design Studio Boot Tassels Review

country design studio boot tassels

I love mustard as a colour. Just before lockdown I found a gorgeous mustard coat in Tesco on sale and just had to have it! I thought it would be great for a day at the races paired with my tan Fairfax and Favor Reginas with mustard tassels! I had had mustard tassels on my list for a while but they were always out of stock. I was starting to lose faith about ever managing to get my hands on a pair when Country Design Studios appeared in my newsfeed on Facebook. 

They had boot tassels with country style pins on them. They caught my eye and I had a look at their website. They created tassels in all sorts of colours with your pin of choice. I saw that they had mustard in faux suede and decided to buy mustard tassels from them instead of waiting for Fairfax and Favor tassels to reappear. 

I chose a pointer pin to go with the mustard. They were cheaper than the Fairfax and Favor tassels, plus they were free delivery! They are made to order, so they aren’t the quickest to arrive, I think I waited about 2 weeks for mine. But we had just entered lockdown, I wasn’t going anywhere and certainly didn’t mind waiting when I had already been searching for so long. 

country design studio boot tassels

I am so pleased with them! They are now my favourite tassels and I have used any excuse to wear them! The pointer pins also go with a dog print shirt I have too. They are fantastic quality, come in a smart box which is eco-friendly. With racehorse owners slowly being allowed back to the racecourse I have just ordered a new pair, in lilac with a racehorse pin, to match the Owners Group silks. 

country design studio boot tassels

This second set of tassels were made and posted within days of ordering, once again with free delivery. I was a bit unsure as to what colour to get, but their colour charts online made me decide on lilac, and I’m glad I did as they match my scarf perfectly! I am ready to cheer my horses on at the races!

Sadly Country Design Studio no longer exist, the owner now focuses on her other small business Poole & Pheasant. She sometimes still makes and sells boot tassels through this business, but not all the time. Which is a real shame.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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