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How buying a horse is like finding a partner

buying a horse is like choosing a partner

In many ways, the process of buying a horse is like choosing a new partner. Afterall, you are going to be spending a lot of time together with some common goals in mind, so you need to make sure you work well together. So if you are looking to buy a new horse, or maybe even a new partner, here are some of our top tips. 

Check their height 

We’ve all been there. We’ve gone to see what we were told was a 13h pony only to arrive and find a full-blown horse. Or maybe you were looking at a 17h hunt master and instead you are greeted by a 15h lightweight cob. Horse sellers often exaggerate or flat out lie about the height of the horse to get you on a visit. 

Similarly, men also tend to exaggerate about their height. However tall they say they are you should add approximately 2 inches. 

The camera can lie 

I think we have all been guilty at some point of using photo filters to make us look better than we are. The same clever camera work can also work wonders on horse adverts. Afterall, you want the horse to look at it’s best. This might involve photos taken at the perfect time to show their movement off to the very best or using old photos of the horse performing at it’s peak. Where possible, question when photos were taken. 

The same goes for dating profile photos. They might have looked incredible 5-10 years ago and fill their profile with these incredible photos. Afterall, they aren’t lying, it is them in the photos. But be prepared that a lot could have changed since!  

Too good to be true… 

Unfortunately, no horse (or human) is perfect. If you are reading an advert for a horse and the horse sounds absolutely incredible and is priced really reasonably, it might be too good to be true. Maybe there’s a small bad behaviour they missed out, or a previous injury they have recovered from. Make sure you ask plenty of questions to get a good idea of how honest the seller is being. 

They cook, clean, work out, work hard, insert other desirable traits in the perfect partner. Plus all their photos are of a god like beauty. You’ve heard of catfish right? Tread carefully… 


You’ve spoken to them on the phone, asked some questions and now you just want to see the horse before you buy. But the seller is being difficult to pin down. They take ages to respond to your messages, they won’t agree on a date or time and might even end up ghosting you. Unfortunately, in times like these it just seems like it wasn’t to be… 

The same can happen when trying to arrange a date. Sometimes they just disappear never to be heard from again. But we all know that it’s their loss! 

Snooze you lose 

Sometimes you find the perfect horse. You loved their advert, sounded great over the phone and just an absolute dream. But buying a horse is a BIG decision. So you take a day to consider the horse before deciding it was meant to be. So you phone the seller just to find out that they have already been sold and you missed the boat! 

Partners can be exactly the same. Sometimes you don’t realise how great someone is until they have already moved onto someone new… 

These are just a few ways that dating and buying horses are the same. But we all know that no matter how bad dating gets, we will always have our horses! Even if we are still looking for the one. 

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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