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We are back on board!

back on board scottie

Today the saddler came to check Scottie saddle. He had his back checked last month and all was clear. So the last hurdle before getting back in the saddle was making sure it still fits okay.

Luckily Scottie hasn’t really changed shape at all since the saddler last saw him. This meant that our saddle fit pretty much the same as last time too. It’s not a perfect fit but he is happy in it and with there still being a bit of a question mark as to how well Scottie will cope with returning to work, it seems silly to invest in a new saddle now.

The saddler said that realistically our saddle is a 6/10 fit. So there is plenty of room for improvement, even if he is tricky. She would like to see how he gets on and if he stays in work look at trying him in some different second hand saddles to see if we can find something better for him.

So now we are all ready to go! I got on hen the saddler was still there to make sure Scottie was happy and had a bit of a walk around. He was good as gold. He was a bit reluctant to take the first few steps, which isn’t too unsual if he has had time off.

But after that we did a good 5 mins of just walking around the arena and he was good as gold. Didn’t put a foot wrong and really wasn’t fresh or silly at all.

So now we begin the slow journey of returning to work. My plan is to try and ride most days, especially at the beginning where we are starting with 5 mins of walk, adding an extra 5 mins each week. Once we are doing a bit more in each session I will start returning to our usual riding routine of about 3 days a week. All being well, we should be back to full work around October time.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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