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How your personality type affects your goals.

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It’s no secret that I struggle with motivation when it comes to working out and getting into good habits. I could make excuses all day long about why this is, but at the end of the day, I am just lazy. I don’t like the idea of working out and I find it really hard to stick to any new resolutions I make to myself.  

However, I am really lucky to work with Seonaidh Jamieson. I have regular chats with Seonaidh about what I am doing, what I am struggling with and what my next steps are. One thing I love about the idea behind Cherry Tree Training is that it isn’t about what you do, but the how you get there. So while I now have access to so many amazing online classes and resources through Cherry Tree Training, finding the exercises to do isn’t where I struggle. I struggle with finding the motivation to do the exercises. 

This is what works really well for me. Seonaidh is always there to help me work out what will help me stick to good habits. I started using HabitBull to track when I am doing the things I want to improve. This lets me build up a streak of doing the new habit and I am then more likely to keep it going as I don’t want to break the streak. However, sometimes breaking the streak is just part of life and one thing I am really bad at is starting up again afterwards. So her new advice is to start looking at the gaps between streaks and try and get them shorter and shorter each time – another way to compete against myself as I am very competitive. 

I have tried a few more of her methods such as accountability buddies, where you encourage each other to work out and nag each other to do it. But this didn’t really work for me at all as I am one of those stubborn people who feel less inclined to do something if someone tells me to do it. I have also tried sticking to certain times of the day/week with the same results. It works for a little while but I never really stick to it. 

In our most recent catch up, she was keen for me to take a personality quiz as having a better idea of the type of person I am can make it easier to come up with a plan what works best for you. The personality quiz I took was the Four Tendencies quiz. This quiz works on the idea that there are 4 main types of people: 

  • The Questioner: 
    Needs justifications for doing something. 
  • The Obliger: 
    Needs accountability for doing something. 
  • The Upholder: 
    Needs to know what needs doing. 
  • The Rebel: 
    Needs freedom to do it their own way. 

It might not surprise you (it didn’t really surprise us) but my result was The Rebel. Annoyingly, this means that we can create plans as much as we want, but realistically, I will just rebel against them and not stick to them. So the new plan is that there is no plan. I just need to try and do the good habits like working out more when I want to do them. Then hopefully I can build this into a streak which I then don’t want to break. 

Last Updated on 09/06/2022

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