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Scottie being a Superstar as usual

Scottie back in work

We are now 7 weeks into Scottie’s riding rehab and I am so pleased with how he is doing. Despite some of the crazy weather we have had recently, Scottie has not put a foot wrong.

We are riding pretty much every day, just missing the odd day here and there. We have gone out for a few hacks on our own and while I can’t say they were relaxing, Scottie was good as gold and I think he was pleased to be getting off the yard.

We have got another two weeks of walk before we start trotting, which is when we should start to get a good idea of how likely Scottie is able to stay in work. Fingers crossed for us! He is still being a fool in the field and stay sound. So hopefully light ridden work shouldn’t be a problem.

Either way, next month I should start to have some more interesting updates from Scottie.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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