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Dexter Recycled Trackpant Breeches Review

dexter breeches

As Equestrians we spend a huge amount of time outside enjoying our countryside. I think because of this a lot of us understand the importance of doing our bit to protect the environment. Over recent years this has become more apparent with more and more equestrian companies coming up with innovative solutions to reducing our carbon footprint. But recycled clothing is a brand new idea for me and the Dexter Breeches for DVR really caught my eye. So I was delighted to receive a pair to review.

Sustainable Breeches

The Dexter Breeches are made from 78% recycled plastic. This makes them more sustainable than other breeches on the market. Plus they offer an incredible FREE repairs service. So when they inevitably give up, there is the opportunity to have them fixed, rather than throwing away and replacing, making them even more sustainable.

Incredibly Comfortable

I have had them for about a week now and I am converted! I often ride in leggings, especially during the warmer months, for the extra comfort. But these breeches are described as “riding leggings with a bit more room” and it describes them perfectly.

Like riding tights (or exercise leggings) they are super comfy, not at all restrictive and you forget your are wearing them. But unlike normal riding tights, it’s not a strong elastic band or zip and button around the waist. It is a tracksuit bottom styled waistband. Meaning you can adjust them to be the perfect fit for you.

Just the right amount of stick

The material itself is very slippy, but they have positioned the silicon grips perfectly. I sometimes struggle with silicon grips as I need to be able to move in the saddle and I sometimes find they make it difficult to be effective in the saddle. but the grips on the Dexter are perfect for me. There’s enough grip so I don’t feel like I am sliding around. But if I want to move I don’t feel stuck to the saddle.

silcon grip on DVR dexter breeches


I have had plenty of compliments wearing them. They look fantastic and are really flattering. I really like the V shaped panneling down the side, I think it gives them a really nice shape. Despite being described as a “trackpant” they would be perfectly suitable for a lesson where you like to make the effort! If they came in white I also think they would be fantastic for competing.

Colour Options

Currently the Dexter comes in three colours, beige, black and graphite. I have the graphite and I think they are gorgeous. Very smart, but a bit different to the black and navy you see everywhere. It would be nice to see more colours available too as I certainly would like a second pair.


I find a lot of equestrian brands quite limiting in size options. But these come in sizes XS-XL which works out the same as UK 4-18. I’m usually a 14-16, although more of a 16 recently – thanks lockdown! So I opted for the XL as there is nothing worse than too tight trousers. They are incredibly comfy and I think the smaller size would have been fine for me, I just usually size up when I’m not sure.

dexter breeches

Zip Pockets

One of the worst things I find about equestrian clothing is the poor pocket situation. Now if it’s cold enough for a coat or body warmer you are probably fine. But as soon as the sun comes out and the layers come off we face the problem of where to put our phone? After all, riding is a dangerous sport and you should always have a phone and/or a friend with you in case it goes wrong.

Most breeches, jodhpurs and riding tights include this tiny little pocket in the front what isn’t big enough for a modern phone. If you somehow manage to squeeze your phone into that pocket, you will spend most of your ride with it digging into you. Or you have an open pocket on the outside of your leg where you will be constantly worrying that your phone has fallen out.

However, the Dexter’s have two large zip up pockets on the sides. They are plenty big enough for my phone, are out of the way so I don’t feel my phone at all while I am riding. Plus the zip means I don’t have to worry about anything falling out.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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