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4 ways owning horses make you prepared.

Scottie having a good groom. Should beginners buy a horse?

Horses are as unpredictable as the weather and horse ownership is full of ups and downs. So horse owners have to be prepared for any number of horse related occasions. But after a few non horsey days out, it seems that this very horse specific preparedness translates into other areas of our life. 

Wet Weather 

Or any weather for that matter! Horse owners spend enough time outside to know the importance of obsessively checking the weather forecast and making sure you and your horses are dressed accordingly.

On a recent trip to Alton Towers, it poured and poured it down. This wasn’t a surprise to me with rain being in the weather forecast. We had our lightweight waterproofs with us as it was still a warm day. But we couldn’t believe the amount of people wearing the Alton Towers branded plastic ponchos as the day went on. None of these people had considered a waterproof jacket for a day outside, with rain forecast.  

Not only do horse owners regularly check the forecast, but we usually drive around with plenty of weather options in their cars. I certainly have several coats and maybe even a change of clothes!


Horse owners spend a worrying amount of time patching up things their horses have broken. Duct tape on a ripped rug and bailing twine in a haynet are just a few common fixes most owners have found themselves doing.  

But we don’t just fix things. Car need new tires? Keep the old worn ones and turn into jumps or use them to keep water buckets in place. Just think of the incredible things they could create around the house if that is where their horse lived! 

Perfect First Aiders 

This is especially true for owners of the more accident prone horses. They will have a fully stocked first aid kit and will be very resourceful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or animal minor injury, they will have everything you need. Hibi scrub, cotton wool and electricians tape can go a very long way! Anything more than a minor injury, they will likely be the calm voice taking control until the professionals get there. 

Mini Hoarders 

This isn’t all horse owners, but I think many of us are guilty of holding onto things you might not need. But this does mean if you are ever having a horse related crisis, you or probably someone else on your yard will have exactly what you need.  

Tack malfunctions? Someone will have a spare bit/bridle/girth/reins etc. Come across a loose horse or lost dog, they will no doubt have something to help catch them. Those manky gloves in the back of your car are now perfect for stopping you getting covered in grease when you get a flat tire on the way to work. 

Last Updated on 29/09/2020

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