EquiPepper heading into a second lockdown with no goals

scottie in lockdown
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Today marks the start of the second national lockdown here in England. There are definitely less restrictions this time around but I can’t help but feel that this one is affecting my day to day life this time around.

No Goals…

Last lockdown it was inconvenient but it also meant that I could work towards getting Scottie back into work. But with Scottie now having the winter off and only light hacking in his future, there is less to be working towards at the moment to keep me busy.


Since I haven’t been riding and it’s become clear I won’t be riding regularly, I have taken up swimming. I have been going every week for about 3 months now and I have been really enjoying it. I have been feeling better for it and it’s been good to get moving when I can’t ride. But obviously now this is on hold for at least 4 weeks, but I suspect longer.

Cherry Tree Training

I am really lucky to work closely with Cherry Tree Training and get plenty of support when it comes to setting goals and getting myself motivated and moving. So I am hoping to dip back into some of the fantastic courses I have access to, especially core essentials.

Scottie update

It’s been 2 weeks since Scottie was seen by our vet friend and started his new Aviform supplement and EquStreamz magnetic bands. At the weekend I had a look at him on the lunge and there was a small improvement I think. He was still very mildly lame and wasn’t that willing to go forward. But I think I was hoping for a bit more of an improvement, even though it is still early days.

Unfortunately there probably won’t be many updates from us for a while now as like most of the country, I won’t be doing much at all! But I do have a few ideas for things in the new year what should make things a bit more interesting for everyone.

Last Updated on 11/01/2021

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