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EquiFresh Review

equifresh traps ammonia in horse stables

Coming from a non horsey family and still living with my parents, I regularly get told that I stink when I get home from the yard. Now while horses do have a smell, this isn’t actually what they are wrinkling their nose at, after all who doesn’t love the smell of horses? What they are actually smelling is ammonia from where I’ve been mucking out. But EquiFresh has put an end to that!

If you can smell it, they are inhaling it

If you can smell ammonia when you re mucking out, then your horse is most likely inhaling it too. I recently wrote about what ammonia is and the effect ammonia can have on your horses respiratory system. It can be a strong irritant and can cause temporarily or permanently irritate the respiratory system.

EquiFresh Granules

Just over a month ago I was sent a tub of Lavendar EquiFresh to review. I have been using it roughly twice a week since and have seen a huge difference when mucking out.

Scottie isn’t a particularly wet or messy horse. I also do a full muck out every day. But even so, it’s not unusual for there to be an ammonia smell when I’m digging the wet out. This has been the same no matter what type of bedding I use with him.

But like I have already said, I have seen a big difference since using EquiFresh. I very rarely get any ammonia smell and when I do, it’s usually when he has been in a bit more than usual and I haven’t put more granules down in a while.

I am converted! And will be buying more once I start to run out, but my rub has lasted very well so far.

Traps rather than Masks

Unlike lots of other powders you can buy to mask the smell of ammonia, EquiFresh goes one step further. The granules bind to the ammonia, preventing it from being released into the air, stopping it from being inhaled. Whereas other products just work as an air freshener to mask the smell.

EquiFresh Granules

Super easy to use

EquiFresh is so easy to use. Just remove the wet bedding and sprinkle a few scoops where your horse usually wees, then pull your bed down on top of it. As I have already mentioned, I don’t need to use it every day, even when I am doing a full muck out every day. Twice a week using 32-3 scoops each time is usually more than enough for Scottie.

Because you don’t use too much, it also works out really cheap. 5kg starts at £11.95, £13.95 if you get one of the scented versions. I have the Lavender version and it smells amazing! But they also do a citronella what I think I might get over the summer to help with the flies in the stable.

EquiFresh also doesn’t use chemicals and is completely organic. It also works with all bedding and flooring types. I’m completely sold on this product and don’t know how I put up with smelling of ammonia for so long.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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